8 Amazing Sites Buried in the Ocean

From underwater museums to ancient cities lost to the watery sea gods, we look at 8 amazing sites buried in the ocean.

  1. Lion city


  • The city of Shi Cheng, aka Lion City, was put together in the
  • In 1959 Lion city was purposely flooded to create a lake that would power a hydroelectric plant. In its hay day it was the political center of the county and nearly 300,000 people had to relocate to make way for the lake. 50 years later, the government finally decided to see what was left of the drowned city. There are huge well preserved structures from the 1300s and epic engravings of dragons and phoenixes.
  • The place is pretty intact considering it’s been immersed in water for 55 years. You should see me after I fall asleep in the tub, I’m more wrinkled than a geriatric Shar Pei.
  1. Heracleion, Egypt


  • We’ve all heard about what a babe Cleopatra was. Back in the day, everybody wanted to bang, marry or kill her. Even her own brother probably banged her. History is gross. Anyway.
  • After 1200 years archaeologists finally found Cleopatra’s old palace, which she most likely inherited. Ka-ching! And with it, the lost city of Heracleion, which was an Egyptian port city partly built on stilts. 30 feet underwater they also managed to find 64 ships and some big ass statues of Egyptian gods.
  • For a while historians weren’t sure that the lost city wasn’t just literary make believe, like Hogwarts or France but there she was. It was a few centuries after Cleo’s reign, that Heracleion went down after an earthquake fubared the place to hell.
  1. Mahabalipuram, India


  • Mahabalipuram is an ancient Indian city where the ruling dynasty hung out between the 3rd and 9th The city is said to have had seven pagodas, or shrines, built in honour of some guy named King Bali in the 8th century.
  • But only one of the pagodas was thought to have survived the test of time. The other six were thought to be lost until a tsunami hit in 2004 and the giant waves gave glimpses of what was underneath. A lion statue was revealed and a series of stone steps.
  • They’re hoping that with further research archaeologists can confirm that the findings are the remaining pagodas but they’re too busy hanging out with Shia LaBouf.
  1. Baia, Italy


  • Back in the Roman days, everybody who’s anybody got to hang out in Baia. It was full of debauchery and corruption, so it was basically like an olden school Vegas.
  • Julius Caesar had a villa there, Nero hung out there. It was a resort city where you went to hang out, kick back at the mineral springs. The ruins show a bunch of wicked temples
  • By the time the city was submerged by nearby volcanoes, people were pretty over it. Not to mention, there were recurring bouts of malaria there and nobody likes getting a parasite while they’re on holiday. If you’re going to shit yourself on vacation let it be because you ate too much.


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