8 Ancient Artifacts That No One Can Explain

From cryptic books to the world’s true lizard overlords we look at 8 Ancient Artifacts That No One Can Explain.

  1. The London Hammer


  • Sometimes it pays to take home random rocks you find just because they are shaped a little weird or have wood sticking out of them.
  • That’s what a couple in London did…the London in Texas not the tea drinking one…anyway they found a rock and took it home to sit on a shelf until their son decided to smash it open. Inside was an intact 19th century style hammer head, the wood being part of the handle.
  • Taking the find to be tested, scientists found the outer limestone rock to be anywhere around 500 million years old. On top of that parts of the wood have started to turn to coal which takes millions of years on its own. Skeptics however believe that hammer is just an old abandoned hammer that allowed soluble minerals to form around it, causing the oddity.
  1. The Voynich Manuscript


  • Not all artifacts have to be ancient to be puzzling, take for example the Voyinch Manuscript which is only from the Middle Ages.
  • This incredibly cryptic piece was discovered by an antique bookdealer in 1912 and has been a mystery since. Written in code and containing intricate illustrations on a range of topics, no one has yet to be able to work just what the hell it’s all about.
  • Even top cryptographers in WW2 could crack the damn thing, leading to it being one of the greatest mysteries of the field. Carbon dating has placed the manuscript originating from the 15th century, most probably in Italy. Heh, would be pretty funny if this just turned out to be some renaissance Italian guy’s bad fan-fiction.
  1. China Pipes


  • It’s always a little creepy when scientists find human like structures in places where humans have never know to live.
  • The Baigong Pipes, found in the remote Mount Baigong are one such creepy head scratcher. Two long pipes stretching from a large cave in the mountain were found along with many more upright pipes stretching towards the sky.
  • The pipes have been a mystery mainly because they were dated at being 150,000 years old while the earliest any record of people living anywhere near there is 30,000 years ago. Also the 8% of the material from the pipes is unidentifiable and they are also highly radioactive. Eh it’s probably just some ancient alien plumbing system, “Hey guys we found E.T’s crapper!”
  1. Ubaid Lizardmen


  • Want concrete evidence that ancient Earth was actually ruled by lizardmen and that just maybe…it still is?
  • Well this isn’t it but it’s pretty damn interesting and unexplained. These 7000 year old, pre-Sumerian artifacts are known as the Ubaid Lizardmen. Found inside ancient excavated towns, these figures depict lizard liked humanoids in various states.
  • Many of them show a female breast feeding a little lizard baby which is kinda cute and disturbing. Archeologists found that the little statues weren’t for rituals or worship, making them a little difficult to understand. Were they just the ancient equivalent of living dead dolls or are they something more sinister…probably the first one.


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