8 Chilling Times Patients Killed Their Doctors


From a patient who blames his plastic surgeon for all his problems to a man so frustrated with the healthcare system he turns to murder, we count eight chilling times patients killed their doctors!

8 – Hans Peterson,


  • In case you still believe bad things don’t happen to good people, this gruesome 2006 murder may change your mind. David Cornbleet was a charitable dermatologist known for his many good deeds, including treating burn victims after 9/11 and helping victims of Hurricane Katrina.
  • News that David had been fatally stabbed twenty times sent shockwaves through the community. Although a surveillance tape captured the perpetrator, the person’s identity was unclear. It took some Myspace detective work, an anonymous tip and a year-long manhunt to solve the mystery.
  • The killer, Hans Peterson, was one of David’s patients from five years earlier. He’d planned to torture David, but resorted to stabbing him when the doctor fought back.

7 – Chester Posby,


  • Even internationally respected doctors who are pioneers in their field have to deal with disgruntled patients. Unfortunately for Dr John Kemink, this disgruntled patient was driven by a powerful delusion – one that drove him to murder.
  • In 1992, Chester Posby got it in his head that Dr Kemink was conspiring to perform a deadly brain operation on him. Feeling betrayed, he burst into the University of Michigan Otolaryngology Clinic and shot Dr Kemink in the head, shoulder and abdomen with a semiautomatic handgun.
  • Dr Kemink was known for his pioneering work developing cochlear implants for children, which have improved thousands of deaf and hard-of-hearing children’s lives.

6 – Vitali Davydov,


  • Psychiatrist Wayne Fenton probably didn’t consider his unarmed mild-mannered nineteen-year-old patient a threat when he came in for his regular appointment one afternoon in 2006. No one would’ve known young Vitali Davydov would snap into a schizophrenic rage or that he was capable of pummelling his doctor to death with his bare fists.
  • The horrifying unprovoked murder occurred during a discussion of Vitali’s treatment options and went undiscovered until Vitali’s father came to pick him up. He noticed the bloodstains on his son’s hands and clothes and immediately dialled 911.
  • Vitali confessed and was found guilty, but was not held criminally responsible because of his condition. He was moved to the maximum-security mental hospital in Maryland where, four years later, he tragically murdered his roommate.

5 – Wilfredo Sabonsolin,


  • If asked whether you’d rather die or live with a difficult disability most people would choose life. But for seventy-two-year-old Wilfredo Sabonsolin living just didn’t seem worth it after he lost the ability to walk.
  • After life-saving spinal chord surgery, Wilfredo ended up confined to a wheelchair. He’d been an avid runner most of his life and couldn’t cope with losing that part of his identity.
  • The surgeon who’d performed the operation, Dr Cris Cecil Abbu, had allegedly reassured him that he would be able to walk properly after therapy. So when Wilfredo ended up stuck in a wheelchair he vowed to kill the one person he held responsible.
  • Slipping past hospital security, he fatally shot the doctor twice in the chest and then took his own life.


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