8 Companies That Treat Their Employees Like Dirt


From the unhappiest place on earth to demoralising dollar stores here’s a list of 8 companies that treat their employees like dirt.

  1. Dillards


  • At Dillards department stores “overworked” and “underpaid” are common complaints from the staff. Apparently the problem stems from management dishing out tasks that are impossible to complete in the allotted time.
  • Understaffed and undertrained young employees say the atmosphere is thick with anxiety and tension. They’re also given sales targets that are impossible to meet. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a horse except unlike the horse you won’t get shot if you break your leg. Though you might wish somebody would.
  • In addition to being spoken to down to and belittled, staff said managers were always looking over the shoulders of their pleb employees. “Dillards”, more like Dildos.
  1. Starbucks


  • Starbucks employees reported having to work shifts with only a few hours between closing and opening the store the next morning. And with management breathing down their necks, a lot of employees feel like they can’t take a sick day in case they get fired or they lose their hours. So they’re sneezing in your Frappuccino, sharing around that influenza goodness. Yummy!
  • The pay is crap-achino and so are the hours but at least there’s the loyal customer base that makes the job easier. Just kidding, these are the same breed of people that freaked the sniz out when a coffee chain changed their Christmas cups.
  • Being scolded is never fun, not by some douche bag’s pumpkin spice and not by your boss. So it’s no wonder these workers are a bit depresso espresso.
  1. Walmart


  • Walmart is notorious for treating their workers pretty shabbily and paying them as little as possible. Very little training, unsafe work conditions and unrealistic expectations on their workers, where do I sign up?!
  • Even though the higher ups finally gave some of their workers a pay rise last year, each stores actually costs the government a million dollars in food stamps and financial assistance every year. That’s for each store…and with more than 5,000 stores it adds up. Good thing the US government have an endless supply of money to go around. Oh wait, they probably don’t.
  • Also, apparently as soon as you are injured in the workplace, management make you get drug tested, even if the injury was because of the crappy working conditions. I guess even management knows that you’d have to be high to want to work at Walmart.
  1. Target


  • The slightly fancier version of Walmart, Target are guilty of the same brand of douche baggery as Walmart just with different priorities. One employee said that their unofficial motto is “Expect more (work), (get) paid less”.
  • The ridiculously antiunion company even force staffs to endure “training days” that consist entirely of watching propaganda videos about the big bad unions. Propaganda galore! Anti-union sentiments are one thing but outright propaganda is pretty messed up.
  • In 2011, one store got close to unionising so they quickly shut down the store for seven months for “remodelling”, forcing the store’s employees to go on unpaid leave. Jeez, even Captain Kirk didn’t treat the red shirts this badly.


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