8 Craziest Explanations For Our Existence


From playing peek-a-boo with the universe to gods literally fucking the planet we look at 8 craziest explanations for our existence.

  1. We exist in a multiverse


  • What if there’s an infinite number of yous that existed for every choice or outcome that could have happened?
  • That’s one of the more crazy theories to come into genuine consideration as being true in the eyes of physicists. But it’s also possible that these are just universes filled with totally different things than ours.
  • So remember when you feel like life has you down, there’s probably a version of you in another universe who is a millionaire and married to a model. Damn that lucky bastard.
  1. We exist inside a Black Hole


  • What if black holes were actually gateways to other universes that they were using our universe to feed?
  • Essentially this proposal by Dr Nikodem Poplawski basically means that instead of matter just being compressed in a black hole, it is actually feeding into a separate universe. This also theorises that the creation of a black hole in our universe causes a big bang in another universe.
  1. Life is a Computer Simulation


  • If you have seen The Matrix then you could almost zone out for this entire entry except for one important twist.
  • Instead of it being humans in a virtual world, everything is simulated including your consciousness. You are just one very complex sim following along your programmed path.
  • Ever played the Sims and forgot to get the little guy to the bathroom in time and they pee themselves, well that’s incontinence explained now. Fire in the kitchen? They just didn’t level your skills in cooking. Feel like you have no control over your life? You don’t! huh maybe there’s something to this one.
  1. Aliens created and coded our DNA


  • Well it can’t be a computer simulation because everyone knows aliens created and coded human DNA and they included messages in there.
  • Now before we get to the “Aliens” meme jokes, this one has more science behind it than you might think. Basically the scientists behind this theory believe that they have found evidence of a coded language in the human genome. Basically acting as a type of signature for the creators of human DNA.
  • Now the leap comes then straight to “ALIENS” because saying anything else would get you laughed out of the lab and stripped of your scientist coat.


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