8 Craziest Things People Did To Get Fired


From bathing in a kitchen sink to sharing a crime scene photo on Facebook, we count 8 of the craziest things people did to get fired.

8. Giving the Teacher an Apple Advice


When seeking advice, some may write to an advice columnist while others might confide in a family member or friend.

A substitute teacher in New York, Cassandra Fiering, needed advice. So, she asked her fourth grade class for advice on… dating! It turns out that she wasn’t sure which boyfriend she should keep, and asked the 10- and 11-year-olds – who she must’ve thought had enough dating experience to give advice – what they thought she should do. As you can imagine, this didn’t sit very well with the New York Department of Education and they fired her.

While Fiering later admitted to using poor judgement, she didn’t think she deserved to be fired.

7. A Side of Mucus


Unfortunately – and disgustingly – it’s not unusual to have disgruntled restaurant employees putting bodily fluids into food and serving it to unsuspecting diners.

In North Carolina, Domino’s Pizza employees Michael Setzer and Kristy Hammonds did just that, only it was a prank and they never served the food they had tainted. While Setzer put cheese up his nose and mucus on sandwiches, Hammonds filmed it. Then they decided to post it online, because what kind of repercussions could possibly result from violating the health code? Well, in addition to being fired, Setzer and Hammonds also faced felony charges.

Let’s hope they told the truth, and the food Setzer prepared never left the kitchen.

6. ‘No Wee for a Wii’


How far would you go to win a Nintendo Wii? For instance would you drink dangerously large amounts of water?

That’s what happened to Jennifer Strange back in 2007, who entered a radio contest called, “Hold Your Wee for a Wii”, where the participants had to drink water without peeing for a period of time. Despite listeners calling in and warning everyone about the dangers of water intoxication, plus Strange being heard complaining of pain towards the end… she continued to drink water. She ended up drinking two gallons of water over the course of three hours. Sadly, hours later she passed away from water intoxication.

As a result, ten employees of the radio station were fired, and Strange’s husband filed a lawsuit.

5. Fired Fireman


Imagine looking through a friend’s photos on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media site. We’ve all done it, but how many of those pictures were of a deadly car crash?

Probably none, but not everyone who saw one fireman’s photos can say that. While a fireman was at the scene of a fatal crash that killed a teenager and seriously injured three others, he snapped some inappropriate pictures of the crash and posted them to SnapChat. Needless to say, after investigators saw the pictures on his profile, the fireman was immediately – and rightfully – fired for the offense.

Maybe the fireman was tired of posting pictures of cats.


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