8 Insane Things People Did To Avoid Being Late

  1. Cause a five car pile up


  • Is it irony to be a hair away from causing multiple deaths because you are running late for a funeral?
  • This New Zealand driver caused a five car pile-up because of course he was speeding to get to someone’s last goodbye. The icing on the cake was that of course after causing widespread damage, this guy was going to miss the funeral because he had to go to the hospital for his now dislocated shoulder.
  • Oh and of course be taking down to the station for reckless driving. See speeding doesn’t seem too insane when you’re running late but it does once you’re at the center of a massive traffic accident. Hopefully the guy whose funeral it was continues to haunt him every time he gets in a car.
  1. Racing a train


  • There’s a reason why train crossings have so many safety measures to stop you from doing exactly what this unlucky 14 year old did.
  • Running late to catch a train, young Sarah Stringer took the insane gamble of running across the tracks while an oncoming train was coming straight down the line. The teen assumed that the train was going to stop at the station but it was an express carriage.
  • Unfortunately the train hit Sarah and killed her instantly. So next time you think about running the tracks, remember there are worse things than being late.
  1. Leaving a dead body on the bus


  • Let this be a lesson, never die on a tour bus because your ass aint getting to the morgue till the tour is over.
  • This happened during a  art tour, when an 82 year old woman suddenly passed away from natural causes. But the tour must go on right? Apparently no one was too bothered having a corpse along for the ride and they also must have had no respect for the dead.
  • The tour operator said that the schedule was too tight to stop and call an ambulance. If they did they would have to bump the gift shop stop of the list and damn if no one on that bus was going back to Copenhagen without some fridge magnets and novelty postcards.
  1. Landing a plane on a golf course


  • Sometimes you just don’t have time to find an airport to land your plane at so you just HAVE to use a golf course.
  • In a situation everyone can relate to, Robert Kadera was taking his son on a nice little trip in their plane when he looked at his watch and damnit if they weren’t late for tennis lessons! That’s when Robert came up with the perfect plan.
  • “Don’t worry son, I’ll just very sanely and reasonably risk our lives and the lives of fellow golfers to make sure Ricardo can teach that backhand lob.” Nobody was hurt and Robert was sent to community service for the crime of being a rich dickhead.





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