8 Creepiest Creatures Found in Homes


From an infestation of snakes to a mysterious creature in your toilet bowl, we count eight of the creepiest creatures found in homes!

8 – Giant Spiders,


  • After a particularly rainy summer, residents in the town of Macclesfield started noticing a huge spike in the number of spiders.
  • While this isn’t too uncommon, the creepy thing is these spiders were much larger than normal – some even larger than mice!
  • This wave of giant spiders terrorised local residents, with one family reporting spiders hanging around their young son’s room and another claiming a spider chased his terrified wife from room to room!

7 – Big Brown Mass,


  • In 2015, a newlywed couple who had just returned from their honeymoon got a shocking surprise when they looked into their toilet bowl. The creature lurking in there looked like something out of a horror movie. It was a large brown mass with ears and whiskers.
  • The man took a photo of this terrifying Goosebumps creature and posted them online. Everyone was stumped. Not even a zoo director knew what it was, although some theorise it was a small rodent like a rat or a mole.
  • The couple accept that they will probably never know the identity of the creature, but the incident has taught them a valuable lesson: always look before you sit down.

6 – Python,


  • One morning an Australian woman woke up to find an intruder in her kitchen! IT wasn’t a man wielding a knife; it was a monstrous seventeen-pound python! The giant reptile had somehow gotten inside the woman’s secure home and perched itself on her kitchen counter.
  • Thinking quickly, the woman called two professional snake trappers who swooped in to save the day. It turned out the monstrous reptile had just eaten an unlucky neighbourhood cat.
  • It’s possible it was raiding the woman’s fridge for something to wash kitty down with.

5 – Chicken Witchcraft,


  • A pleasant afternoon of renovating their dream home quickly turned into a nightmare for a Pennsylvanian family. Hidden in the walls were dead chickens, old spices and other ritualistic objects!
  • It turned out the previous home owners had practised a freaky Dutch folk magic called Pow-Wow. The dead chickens were supposed to ward off sickness, but they instead made the homeowners feel sick to their stomachs.
  • They told reporters they were “shocked, horrified, and disgusted” at the discovery. The worst part is that removing the carcasses cost them $20,000 and they’re still struggling to get rid of the smell of dead animals.


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