8 Creepiest Discoveries We’ve Ever Made

snake house1

From a corpse in a funhouse to a house full of snakes, we count down some of the creepiest discoveries we’ve made.

8. Swamp Dolls

swamp dolls3

  • On Halloween night in 2014, a total of 21 dolls were found in Bear Creek Swamp in Alabama.
  • The dolls were stuck to wooden stakes that had been plunged into the ground. The swamp is near a road, so passersby would see the old porcelain dolls throw them dead stares as they drove by. Police eventually took down the dolls after receiving many calls from residents.
  • Although it is believed to have been a prank, nobody knows for sure why the dolls were placed in that swamp.


7. Severed Feet Washing Ashore

severed feet3

  • People taking a walk along the beach in the Pacific Northwest have found something mysterious and disturbing – human feet, some of which were still inside the shoe. Most have been right feet.
  • Since 2007, severed human feet have been found washing up on shore from the Salish Sea, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and the state of Washington. There are many theories that try to explain the fate of the rightful owners of the severed limbs. One theory suggests that the feet belonged to four of five men on a plane that had crashed, while another suggests they’re the feet of people committing suicide by jumping off the many bridges of Vancouver.
  • So far, sixteen feet have been found between 2007 and now… and it looks like they’re going to keep coming.


6. Real Corpse in Funhouse

funhouse corpse1

  • A particular haunted house attraction in Los Angeles featured something many similar attractions don’t… an actual corpse.
  • The corpse was that of robber Elmer McCurdy, and he hung from the gallows of a funhouse at Pike Amusement Zone known as “Laff in the Dark”. Elmer hung lifeless, tricking many guests into believing it was just a very realistic prop… until 1976 when an episode of “The Six Million Dollar Man” was being shot in the funhouse.
  • When a prop man went to move Elmer, the arm broke off, revealing nothing but muscle and bone.


5. Snakes in a House

snake house1

  • A family moved into their dream house in Idaho, not realizing that it was sitting on a den of garter snakes.
  • The snakes would be everywhere – inside and outside. During the night, while lying in bed, they would hear the sounds of the snakes slithering in the walls. The tap water would taste like the musky smell of the snakes. One day, the husband killed 42 of them.
  • Eventually the family moved out.


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