8 Creepiest Secrets in Kids Films

  • From pornography being slipped into your talking animal movie to the code that’s in everything you watch we look at 8 creepiest secrets in kids films.

8 – Morphine Cocktail in Peter Pan,


  • Ah remember that classic scene in Peter Pan where kids are given morphine and hallucinate a flying boy and pirates? I sure as hell don’t.
  • But believe it or not this is could be the whole reason that children are seeing home invaders in green leotards coming to their window at night. See Nana gives the children a “Tonic” to sleep but what they don’t tell you is that “Tonic” is code for drugs.
  • Remember this is set in the time were cocaine was for everyday use. “Tonic” in the 19th century were normally for controlling children by getting them high off their asses on morphine and other assorted drugs.

7 – Porn in the Rescuers,


  • Well this is one you may have heard of before but that doesn’t stop it from being a damn creepy thing to do.
  • For those who don’t know in a scene where our heroes fly past some apartment buildings, someone decided to slip in a couple of frames of bare breasted pornography into one of windows. If you are quick enough with the pause button you can see it all its blurry glory.
  • I’m hoping that this didn’t come from the animator’s person porno collection, you should never bring that to work you creep.

6 – Esmeralda’s Tata’s in The Hunchback of Notre Dame,


  • This one though has gotten less attention that the whole “Sex” constellation in The Lion King but is ten times worse.
  • In a film where our villain is dealing with his poorly hidden sexual desire for Esmeralda, we see her body shown off a lot throughout the story. But when we see the fire dance of desire we get a little more than children should see…for a few frames.
  • While it fits into the character arc for the villain it’s definitely pushing its limits and remembering that a team of people animated bouncing fire breasts make me wonder what Disney’s hiring policies are.

5 – No Underwear in Hercules,


  • Oh well obviously the same person who animated the fire breasts didn’t want to animate a pair of panties.
  • Disney’s Hercules features a brief moment during the song “Zero to Hero” where one of the Muse’s reveals that there is nothing on under her dress. So that’s the motivation Hercules needed to become a hero ey.
  • It’s brief but much like the commando shot in Who Framed Roger Rabbit it reminds us that the illuminati is secretly trying to sexualise our children with pretty cartoon women!


  • Creepy (33%)
  • Lewd (23%)
  • No (17%)
  • Wat (14%)
  • Epic (14%)