8 Embarrassing Back-To-School Fails


From provocative uniforms to awful analogies, we count 8 embarrassing back-to-school fails.

8. Cutting Class


Most kids dread when the time comes to start shopping for school supplies. Pencils, notebooks, folders, and calculators are among the most common supplies needed for another year of getting up early, listening to boring lectures, and tasteless cafeteria food.

This store most likely changed a display but forgot to take down the “Back to School” sign. Different sizes of knives hang below the sign, something that we’re sure got a second glance from passing customers.

Unless you’re going to culinary school, or maybe a school for serial killers, knives aren’t school supplies.

7. Loaded Lessons


Another school year means another year of stress for not only teachers but students. Teachers have to educate their students even though some don’t want to learn, while students have to learn new material and hit the books in their downtime.

How can teachers and students deal with such stress? Well, these stores appear as though they thought the best way to deal with school-related stress is to hit the bottle. We’re not talking about a bottle of milk or soda, either. Sure, it’s more than likely these stores weren’t promoting underage drinking, or that alcohol is the best way to eliminate stress… but still, store employees, watch where you put those “Back to School” signs.

To be fair, teachers are allowed to have at least one drink in the evening, especially while grading papers. To read through some of those student essays, we’re sure a glass of wine is required.

6. Safe Sex 101


Practicing safe sex is important, and is something older kids eventually learn about in school. But this store apparently believes that sexual education teachers will tell their students to practice safe sex with a condom. Why else would there be a sign that reads, “Set them up for success with healthy back-to-school routines”?

Alright, that’s not true but this clumsily-placed sign suggests kids need condoms to go back to school. In case any promiscuous high schoolers don’t use a condom or the condom fails, they can always buy another “necessary” back-to-school item… a pregnancy test!

5. Did You “Here” That?


Let’s take a break from back-to-school products for a moment and go straight to the establishment itself.

It’s nice that this middle school is welcoming back its students after a nice three-month summer vacation… though a place that is supposed to teach students, among other things, proper grammar, spelling, and word usage, decided to use “h-e-a-r” instead of the correct “h-e-r-e”.

Maybe it’s a clever way for the school to give its students a pop quiz in English, but that’s not likely.


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