8 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong


From being a good parent to one of the key functions you need to live, we look at 8 Everyday things we all do wrong.

  1. Tic Tacs


  • Who would have thought that they have actually been eating mints wrong their whole damn life?
  • Well not all mints, just those “less than 2 calories” Tic Tacs. If you ever paid any attention to the packet, you’d have noticed that under the flap part is an oblong…an oblong just slightly larger than a single Tic Tac.
  • What you are supposed to do is use that to get out the mints one at a time instead of rattling the damn box till 4 fall out. But then again what kind of weirdo just has one Tic Tac? You need at least 7 to get the right amount of flavor.
  1. Foil Tabs


  • Do you feel like you’re in a shitty infomercial every time you try to get out some foil?
  • You pull out a piece but then the roll part comes out and falls to the gross floor, so now you have 3 meters of dirty foil, so you tear that off and start again but the whole damn system is just broken.
  • Turns out it’s you that’s broken buddy, you’re supposed to push in those little cardboard tabs on the side to stop the roll from coming out of the box. Why they couldn’t sell them with the tabs pressed in already I don’t know, I guess foil companies just want to watch you suffer.
  1. Chinese Food Containers


  • Whoever came up with this was a genius, too bad they couldn’t put instructions on it.
  • Well technically that’s because it was never intended for this use but who the hell cares if it makes life easier. Oyster pails or what you would probably recgonise as “The container my noodle shop gives me”, can actually be unfolded carefully to become a makeshift plate.
  • This recently went viral as a lifehack, making many assume this is an intented feature but really you are just unfolding a piece of paper. Still it’s a helpful way to get to all the soy sauce juices at the bottom.
  1. Praising your Children


  • Parenting is hard, especially when you find out that you have actually been praising your child the wrong way.
  • Yes next time you are telling little Johnny how great he is at using the big boy toilet, you might want to pay attention to the words you are using. Research has discovered that if tell a child “hey you are really great at pooping!” rather than “You did really well pooping this time, Billy”, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Why? Apparently children are more motivated when they have an individual effort praised instead just telling them how good they are at it…yeah I’m sorry that you’re a terrible parent.


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