8 Hardest Decisions People Have Had to Make


From killing thousands of people to end a war to choosing which of your children gets to live­­­­­­, we count eight of the hardest decisions people have had to make!

8 – Aron Ralston,


  • In 2003, people all over the world let out a collective gasp after discovering the extreme lengths Aron Ralston went to save his own life. Aron had been canyoning alone in Utah when he slipped and became trapped under an enormous boulder. He survived for five days by drinking water and urine before losing all hope.
  • After filming a goodbye message on his camera Aron made one of the hardest and most painful decisions anyone has ever had to make. For a slim chance at survival, he broke his own arm and amputated it using a miniature pair of pliers. This decision ultimately allowed him to escape and he survived against all odds.
  • Nowadays Aron spends most of his time travelling around the world inspiring others as a motivational speaker.

7 – Grey Area,


  • A lawyer on Reddit shared the toughest moral dilemma of his career. He was defending a small company against a greedy corporation of scumbags. The case had huge stakes, as losing would cost his clients their livelihood.
  • One day, while he was preparing for the case, the lawyer came across a very incriminating He knew that when the opposition found this document they would spin it to win the case. All night he thought about destroying it to save his case. He wrestled with this for hours until it made him physically sick. In the end, he decided not to destroy it and was certain the bad guys would win.
  • Sure enough, the opposition tried to use the document to incriminate the defendant. But, against all odds, the jury saw through it! The truth came out and the defendant was proven innocent! The lawyer was so grateful he chose not to sell his soul and break the law, proving that some lawyers actually have a soul!

6 – Financial Strife,


  • Some decisions are so tough they can shatter lifelong friendships! Childhood friends Henry and Pete have always had each others’ backs. So when Pete confessed that he was having serious financial problems, Henry didn’t hesitate to bail him out.
  • But Pete kept coming back asking for more and more money. Eventually he admitted he had a secret gambling problem and was in very hot water with some dangerous loan sharks. Henry thought long and hard about whether to bail his friend out again, and eventually decided not to help him. He knew Pete would never turn his situation around unless he took responsibility and dealt with his addiction.
  • Pete was furious, and ended the friendship for many years. But after hitting rock bottom, he was finally able to sort his life out. It was hard for them to be out of each other’s lives, but in the end Pete says Henry’s difficult decision helped him find his way again. Their friendship is now stronger than ever.

5 – Rachel Edwards,


  • In 2010 Rachel Edwards made a choice no parent should have to make: she decided which of her two children got to live. While they were on their way to see family the car hit a pothole. Rachel immediately lost control of the vehicle and they crashed into a levee.
  • As water rushed in Rachel had just seconds to choose which child to take to the surface. She ultimately grabbed her two-year-old daughter Isabella and swam for the surface. Because of Isabella’s age it was impossible for Rachel to leave her and swim back down, so her sixteen-year-old son Jack tragically drowned.
  • Rachel is haunted by the fact she couldn’t save her son and wishes she could go back and somehow save both children. Her last memory of her son was of him putting his hand out to protect her as the car began to sink.


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