8 Most Inappropriate Kids Games

From exploiting maritime tragedy to teaching you all you need to know about Nazism, we look at 8 most inappropriate kids games

8 – Twister,


  • Who doesn’t love a game of twister, from children to awkward teens who want to get close to that girl they have a crush on.
  • It seems odd now but Twister is probably one of the most controversial children’s games still being sold. Being the first game to use people as the playing pieces, stores in 1965 refused to put the game of shelves. And it almost stopped the game from existing all together until the game appeared on the Tonight Show.
  • Critics called the game “Sex in a Box” because in 1965, getting the inside of your thigh rubbing up against someone else’s ankle was akin to sex. Anyway  lots of people had a problem with this being sold to children but it ended up being too popular…Which yeah sex in a box would be

7 – Red Rover,


  • Want a nice way for your kids to dislocate their shoulder? Then give ‘em a nice old game of Red Rover.
  • Yes this classic children’s game has been known to cause serious injury waaaay too often. For those who’ve never played it imagine all your friends are linking arms in a chain and you have to run at the speed of sound to break through the chain.
  • Obviously kids and their weak bones aren’t exactly made for this game so it’s not surprise many parents have had a problem with the game, probably because little Billy’s hospital bills were costing a fortune.

6 – Lawn Darts,


  • You know what is 100% safe…give children shiny sharp oversized darts and tell ‘em to throw them on the lawn.
  • But that’s boring, why would you throw them at the lawn when you can throw them at that asshole Johnny from next door. Or at your little sister or why not just throw them straight up in the air and try to dodge them as they come back down to Earth.
  • Yeah giving children giant pointy metal darts isn’t the smartest idea and eventually a kid was killed after years of the game causing injuries. When a kids game is putting a child in the hospital every weekend it’s no surprise its eventually gonna kill one of them.

5 – Choke,


  • Sure it’s probably not going to surprise anyone that a game called “Choke” isn’t suited for kids but whad’ya know.
  • Much like Red Rover, this isn’t a game that sits on store shelves but is played by children as young as six and involves using the patented choke hold on someone until they almost faint. How is this a game? Well if you tap out you’re a damn pussy and all the other kids will laugh at you.
  • However if you have ever heard of auto-erotic asphyxiation you’d know that choking someone can be pretty deadly and that’s exactly what’s been happening. At least 82 kids have died since ’95, mostly around the age of 13


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  • Creepy (14%)
  • Lewd (10%)
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