8 Insane Instances of People Booby-Trapping Their Homes


From protecting their property to preventing an eviction, we count 8 insane instances of people booby-trapping their homes.

8. Black Country Drug Bust

Booby trap

West Midlands Police in England arrested eight men on drug-related charges. At least one of the arrests proved extra dangerous because the drug dealer had booby-trapped his house.

Using an enforcer, the police busted down the door but were met by a metal plate on the threshold. The metal plate had an electric current running through it, which came from the house’s power supply. Despite the electrified metal plate, the police still raided the house and arrested the man.

During the raid, police found crack cocaine and a cannabis set-up.

7. Apartment of Bombs


In 2012, James Holmes opened fire in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater during a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises”, killing 12 people.

The next day, after police arrested Holmes, they went to his apartment and found it to be booby-trapped with numerous bombs. Bombs ranged from black spheres to pickle jars filled with homemade napalm and .40 caliber bullets. There were also gasoline-filled soda bottles laying around to fuel the fire and help it spread once the bombs detonated.

Holmes had the bombs rigged to explode in two ways. The first was a trip wire stretched across a door that if a police officer opened, it would trigger a thermos of glycerin pour into a pan of another chemical. A fire would’ve resulted, making the bombs detonate. The second was more complex and involved a remote control car outside by a dumpster. Inside the dumpster was a boom box that played loud music. The music was meant to lure people over to play with the remote control car. If anyone started playing with the remote, they would’ve detonated the bombs because of an antenna on top of the refrigerator.

With the help of a bomb squad robot, the police were able to break into the apartment and disarm the two booby-traps.

6. Evicted


A Utah man was so determined to not get evicted that he decided to put a booby trap by his door.

61-year-old Wade Woods set a shotgun on a countertop and secured it with two C-clamps. He took a piece of string and tied one end to the trigger and the other to the door. When the woman came by to serve Wade his eviction notice, the shotgun went off and blew out a window. The woman was injured by the broken glass, but her injuries weren’t serious.

Wade was arrested on two counts of deadly conduct and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly.

5. Kato vs. Briney


Another case of a shotgun booby trap being set near a door only this case involved a man, Edward Briney, who had inherited a farmhouse from his father.

Due to the Iowa house being so old, it was prone to various break-ins and burglaries. Edward had had enough and decided to do something about it. He took a 20-gauge shotgun and went into the north bedroom. The shotgun was rigged to fire at the intruder’s legs when the bedroom door was opened. When Marvin Kato broke in five days later, he experienced Edward’s wrath when he opened the bedroom door and was shot in the legs. Marvin was hospitalized for his wounds.

Once out of the hospital, Marvin sued Edward. The court ruled in Marvin’s favor, awarding him $20,000 in actual damages and $10,000 in punitive damages. The judge who had presided over the case determined that using such force on an unoccupied piece of property wasn’t justified or reasonable. If Edward was home during Marvin’s break-in, he would’ve been justified in using his shotgun as it would’ve been self-defense.



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