8 Insane Weapons That Are Legal To Own


From medieval weapons to old school ninja shit, we look at 8 insane weapons that are legal to own.

  1. M134 Electric mini gun


  • These bad boys are ridiculous and for some reason legal to own.
  • She’s the M134 electric mini-gun; though there’s not much mini about a fucking assault rifle. Militaries around the world use the light-weight Gatling gun and it’s no wonder. These rotary machine gun will shoot up to 6,000 rounds of live ammo, per minute. Chyeah, so the time it takes you to take a whiz, those with poor aim can maim, like three beer cans.
  • You have to go through the usual bout of background checks but this ridiculous gun can be yours for a goddamn pretty penny. On the plus side they do appear to be the ideal weapon of choice for protecting your survivalist compound.
  1. Mace


  • When we talk about mace, we don’t mean the type you spray into a would-be pervert’s eyes.
  • We’re talking about the medieval kind of mace that you wield into the skull of your enemies on the battlefields. They became pretty popular in the 12th century when body armor came into fashion and everybody needed something to put a dent in it. I guess nowadays it’s mostly the collectors or hard-core role-play gamers that’d be buying these.
  • You’ve gotta be over 18 to buy one in the US. Which means you can buy a mace to smite your enemies before you can buy your own booze to forget about what a bag of dicks they are. Land of the free, my hiney.
  1. Katana Sword


  • Sure you could go for more traditional ridiculous weapons, or you could own your very own sexy, sleek Japanese katana sword.
  • Katana swords are the long single bladed swords that were originally used by the samurai in Feudal Japan. They’re still legal to own in the US though I wouldn’t want to be carrying it around because that isn’t quite as legal as owning one.
  • Possible perks of owning a katana sword include: pretending you’re in your own samurai film, that you’ve scored your very own Hatori Hanzo sword, using it to look ridiculous while chopping vegetables for dinner. It’s up to you.
  1. Flamethrower


  • Why, oh, why, oh why would you need a flame thrower? I mean other than battling scary as fuck creatures from the Upside down.
  • So the flamethrower has a pretty recent military history; they were instrumental in both the world wars. There are apparently some more legit uses for these ridiculously awesome tools of pyromania; Apparently farmers sometimes use them to burn off crops or by bored civilians to melt snow.
  • Hell, in North Korea they recently utilized a flamethrower to execute a public official. This is by far the most literal use of the term ‘firing squad’ I think I’ve ever heard.


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