8 Most Disturbing Public Transportation Incidents


From being attacked by a possessed woman on the subway to being attacked by a racist ranting on the bus, we look at 8 disturbing public transportation incidents.

8. The Mugging


A man on a San Francisco railway bus was making a lot of noise, so much that a teenage boy told him to be quiet. The man must not have liked to be told by a younger man to “be quiet”, so he took out a knife and held it to the boy’s chest.

The man told the boy to give him his shoes. He then held the knife up to the boy’s throat and told him to give him his cellphone. The man took off with the boy’s cellphone. Luckily, the boy was able to keep his shoes.

The boy wasn’t hurt, but the man was never caught.

7. Right Foot


In yet another public transportation incident in San Francisco, crews inspecting the tracks of a transit train made a startling discovery in the early morning hours… a woman’s right foot!

The foot was later determined to belong to a woman who was struck by a train a month before but survived, although she lost her lower right leg.

The police didn’t suspect any foul play when the foot was discovered.

6. Transit Tirade


All Lindsay Li wanted to do was take the bus. Instead, she was disturbed by a woman in front of her who suddenly spun around and began to call the Chinese-Australian every racist name in the book.

No matter how much she cried for the bus driver to stop, the bus continued going down the road. Nobody came to the frightened girl’s aid, either. The racist, unstable woman continued with her racist tirade on Lindsay, who didn’t do anything but decide to ride the bus. Lindsay did manage to record a 90-minute video of the woman’s tirade and post it on her Facebook.

Police who viewed the video said that the woman looked and sounded like the same one who gave a Chinese-Australian couple the same kind of tirade in a park.

5. Possessed


A young woman on a train in Edmonton, Canada, began to display unusual behavior. She grabbed at her hair, then suddenly attacked the man sitting next to her. Letting out a shriek, she grabbed him by the neck and struck him.

After the brief assault, the young woman walked away but the man followed and shoved her several times. She kicked him, and another struggle began. Security finally came and took control of the situation, escorting both the young woman and the man off the train.

One of the bystanders commented that she looked possessed, and many believed the video of the incident – yes, there’s a video – was a hoax. It was later determined not to be a hoax, as security confirmed that it had really happened.


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