8 Most Ridiculous Reasons People Have Committed Murder


From bad manners to sibling rivalry, we look at 8 of the most ridiculous reasons people have committed murder.

  1. Thankless Job


  • After slaving away in front of a hot stove too cook a delicious meal, I don’t think this guy was expecting too much by wanting some gratitude.
  • This tale expresses why manners are so damn important, because forgetting them is not only rude, it can be deadly. Fergus John Glen from New Zealand was driven to an uncontrollable rage after cooking his brother dinner and d-bag didn’t even say so much as a “cheers, bru.”
  • So the calculating Fergus waited until his brother was asleep and hacked him to death with an axe. Apparently the brothers hadn’t been getting along the past few months and this was the final straw. So remember people; a thank you just might save your life.
  1. The Matrix Defense


  • In 2002, a woman in Ohio shot her landlady in the face because she thought she was in the matrix.
  • She was utterly convinced she was in a computer simulation and that she was the only one who knew. She then suspected her landlady was part of a plot to brainwash and murder her, so she shot her in the face. She was found not guilty by reason of insanity but I’m a little suspicious that she didn’t just try to leap from one building to see what would happen.
  • Hell, I’m amazed she only killed one person. If I thought the machine overlords were coming to kill me, it’d be on like Donkey Kong. But I guess we can’t all keep our ‘Keanu-cool’. Seriously, that guy’s face never changes.
  1. Photobombing


  • Photobombing can be hilarious and/or annoying depending on the results.
  • Annie Hung Kim Pham unintentionally photobombed a picture of two women outside a bar in Santa Ana. She wasn’t poking her tongue out or being a dick, she just happened to stand in the background of a pic being taken. So you’d think; no harm, no foul. But the two women were so enraged that they jumped Pham, punching and kicking her relentlessly. She was taken to hospital but had her life support turned off not long after the attack.
  • The unnecessarily aggressive women were found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, which is a fancy way of saying you definitely beat victim up, but didn’t mean to off them.
  1. Cold Eggs


  • Nobody likes cold eggs, not even hens do. It’s why they sit on them all day, warming them up under their cabooses.
  • Stanley Neace was so enraged when his wife served him cold eggs that he grabbed his shot gun and pow, right in the kisser. But his breakfast rampage didn’t end there; then he killed his stepdaughter and three of his next door neighbours. Then he returned home and shot himself.
  • They must’ve been some god awful eggs. I don’t think I’ve ever had eggs so bad they were worth killing over. The again, this guy probably has an egg-splosive Get it egg-splosive? Oh you guys are no fun.


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