8 Most Unusual Families


From prejudice cults to insane incest, we look at 8 of the most unusual families.

  1. Bloody Benders


  • After the civil war, the Bender family opened up a general store and inn had all the trappings your typical family business. Except it was run by cold-blooded murderers.
  • There was Mama Bender, Papa Bender, John junior and daughter Kate. They lured guests to the humble inn, sit them in the “seat of honour” above a trap door. Then they would bestow the guest with the honour of bashing their brains in and slitting their throats. Some of the killings were robberies, others were just for shits and giggles. But after a town meeting to discuss a bout of disappearances, the Bender family high tailed it the fuck outta Kansas.
  • They didn’t get time to clean up beforehand so the townsfolk found literal bloodbath left behind and about ten bodies in shallow graves. The Benders were never found. Official hide and seek champs of the 1800s!
  1. Soviet Serial Killers


  • It all started when a kindergarten teacher decided to go where the real money was: robbery and murder. The ol’ stab and grab.
  • Inessa wasn’t alone though, she recruited her family. The husband, wife, her adult daughter and a fucking 13 year old, all helping out in the grim family trade. The family murdered 30 people over a period of 6 years, their collage of dead including cops and children.
  • But all good things must come to an end and the unlikely mob got into a shoot-out with police. Both parents were shot, the husband fatally, so they surrendered. The wifely Inessa told police she was a “gangster by nature”. Not unlike Coolio, except in her gangster’s paradise, it’s eye gouging and a bullet in the face. There’s no drive by shootings in this soviet hood.
  1. Phelps Family


  • Deemed America’s most hated family, the Phelps’ family make up a large proportion of the infamous Westboro Baptist church.
  • Until his death in 2014, patriarch Fred Phelps was the leader of the church. Picketing funerals is their game. They hate the gays, the Jews, the Catholics, the military, the White house. It’d probably be shorted to list who they don’t hate; the Old Testament-style God and…that’s kind of it actually.
  • Their kids are dragged along to their protests and the Westboro propaganda is instilled from a really early age. When asked why they hate fags, or what the word even means, they get the same confused look you’d get if you asked a normal kid about their favourite vegetable. Try telling these poor kids that God actually hates figs, not fags, but they won’t listen. Ya just can’t reason with unreasonable people.
  1. Gray Family


  • The Gray family stayed holed up in their compound in the longest standoff in American history.
  • It lasted just shy of 15 years and all started when cops found plans to blow up a bridge in John Joe’s car along with some high powered rifles. It’s an anarchist picnic in the making. He was charged with two felonies and decided to go for the “Texan-come-N-git-me approach.” His entire family were holed up in the family ranch for 15 years, with the youngest grandchild even being born there.
  • They’re God fearin’, gun totin’ folk and they ain’t havin’ none of your huey. When the charges against him were eventually dropped, the sheriff said it was because John Joe wasn’t worth arresting. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt that achy breaky heart.


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