8 Mysterious Places That Are Hard To Explain


From bloody waterfalls to the one place you should never take your dog we look at 8 Mysterious Places That Are Hard To Explain


  1. Surtsey Island


  • If you payed attention in Geology you’d know that Islands take hundreds of years to form, so how did this one appear in a few days?
  • Surtsey Island didn’t exist before 1963 but appeared after a few days of volcanic activity. It wasn’t long before the island grew to an absolutely huge size for a brand new land mass. By 1967 the volcanic activity all but halted and a shiny new island was now born into existence.
  • The central mystery is how the island was able to form so quickly. Since its formation the island has become a protected site by Iceland. Even when we think we know how the Earth works we get thrown another curveball.
  1. Blood Falls


  • Anything that looks like a waterfall made of blood is going to be head scratching for a lot of people.
  • This site in Antarctica, unoriginally dubbed “Blood Falls” because it looks like exactly that. Luckily Antarctica is pretty much exclusively populated by scientists and penguins, so the mystery was kinda solved. Basically a subterranean lake rich with iron is the source of the blood water.
  • Research found something else. The water was actually getting is color from microorganisms that were somehow able to live 1,300 ft underground with only iron and Sulphur to survive on…for 2 million years.
  1. San Luis Valley
  • Imagine living in a place where your neighbor has built a UFO watchtower…not because they are crazy but because there are so many damn UFO’s.
  • That’s what it’s like in San Luis Valley in Colorado. At least 50 UFO’s have been spotted by the watchtower in 16 years. So all the people there must be crazy right? Well here’s the other weird thing in San Luis Valley, animal mutilation.
  • Weird cases of healthy animals being found drained of blood, rib cages seemingly cut out and brains missing. All of the cases show no sign of struggle and no other animal tracks in the area, meaning its aliens or some really fucked up people.
  1. Aokigahara


  • Thanks to a recent mediocre horror film and another mediocre drama, Aokigahara or the suicide forest has become widely known.
  • Okay so for those 4 people who haven’t heard of it before, Aokigahara is a forest at the base of Mt Fuji where a very high number of people commit suicide. 105 bodies were found in 2003 alone. So the question is why there? Well the simple explanation is that a book called Kuroi Jukai which described it as “the perfect place to die” is responsible.
  • Buuut Aokigahara’s history with suicide actually predates the novel. Many believe the forest was also used for Ubasute, the ritual of stranding your elderly in a remote place so they would die. So for some reason the forest is a death magnet.


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