8 People That Seemed Innocent That Were Actually Monsters


From diabolical doctors to seductive psychopaths, we look at 8 people that seemed innocent that were actually monsters.

8. Harold Shipman


  • Family doctor Harold Shipman was well-liked, caring and in high demand in the little town of Hyde.
  • Back when he was studying medicine in the 70s, his teachers were all impressed by his enthusiasm and intelligence. About a year out of med school though, Shipman started offing little old ladies with morphine injections. Over his 20 year career, he murdered around 250 patients! Initially, other doctors thought his high death rate was because he was, you know, a bit shit.
  • When he found out he was being investigated, he panicked, forged a patient’s will and killed her. When he was charged with murder, his practice was flooded by well-wishing supportive patients. People liked this guy so much they seriously thought the charges were bullshit. He was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences. He offed himself in jail so his wife would get his life insurance. Which is probably what he should’ve done back in the 70s instead of offing old ladies…oh well.

7.  Jane Toppan


  • Beloved nurse and all around lovely lady Jane Toppan was nicknamed ‘Jolly Jane’ because she was just so damn cheerful.
  • Her services were highly sought after because of her tenderness and care for her patients. But Jane had a dark side too; she loved to experiment with dosing her patients with a heap of morphine. Then she’d give them another drug to wake them back up and then more morphine, like some kind of sick life and death yo-yo.
  • Jolly Jane might have never been caught if she hadn’t taken out an entire family. She poisoned four members of the Davis family over a six weeks period because she owed them money. When the cops started questioning her about it she confessed and then just kept confessing. She murdered at least 31 people, including her own foster sister. She pleaded insanity and spent the rest of her days in a lunatic asylum but it’s suspected she was just a great con-artist. In the asylum she admitted some deaths may have slipped her mind and the number might be more like 100 but, who knows.

6. Louis Lamonica


  • Louis Lamonica, the pastor of the Hosanna church wandered into the sheriff’s office one day in 2005.
  • Not only was his church suss as fuck, the pastor confessed that he and some other members had somehow made the terrifying leap to satanism. The pastor said he was “compelled by satan” to performing satanic rites where animals were sacrificed and children were molested. Their meetings went on for almost a decade before the pastor confessed.
  • What I don’t get is how a church gets into Satanism. Who the shit shows up the church bake sale and says, “uhh I know Jesus is our homeboy and all but you know, Satan sounds kinda cool too.” If you pulled that shit at my grandma’s church you’d get your ass kicked by a bunch of dudes with colostomy bags.

5. Wesley Elkins


  • In 1889, in a small town in Iowa, the brutal murders of a civil war veteran John Elkins and his wife Hatttie caused a panic.
  • After discovering the bodies John’s son Wesley took the family buggy to the nearest neighbor. Nobody could understand why anyone would want to hurt the couple; they were quiet and had no enemies. There was even a $500 reward for information about the strange killings. When Wesley’s story had some inconsistencies, people started to think he might’ve seen more than he was letting on, or that he was covering for someone.
  • 73 pounds of 11 year old bludgeoned his father and stepmother while his baby sister slept between them. The reason for hacking his folks the death: he had too many chores. So like any rational person he killed them in their sleep. He spent most of his youth in the prison library and successfully appealed his case after 14 years of imprisonment.


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