8 Scariest Stalkers Ever


From a prison inmate obsessed with her corrections officer to ­­­­­­a man who shot the president to impress his crush, we count eight of the scariest stalkers ever!

8 – Woman Obsessed With Corrections Officer,


  • If you think people with forehead tattoos are simply misunderstood, this may make you think twice. In 2012, forehead-tatt-sporting Jamie Calloway – known to her friends as ‘Jamie Godhead Platinum’ – was arrested for stalking a corrections officer.
  • The pair had met during one of Jamie’s earlier stints in jail. The thirty-three-year-old, who had ‘God’ branded on her forehead and calls herself ‘the Godology of Godology’, believed that she and the officer had some deep romantic love affair.
  • Calloway repeatedly called the woman, sent her packages and, when her feelings weren’t reciprocated, slashed her tyres.

7 – Man Cyber Stalks Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg,


  • In 2011, Facebook creator and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, filed a restraining order against his stalker, Pradeep Manukonda.
  • Pradeep had followed and threatened Zuckerberg and sent him flowers and various creepy messages, some handwritten and some via Facebook. When that failed to illicit the response he wanted, Pradeep began harassing Zuckerberg’s wife and sister. He was also seen skulking around outside Zuckerberg’s home and the Facebook Headquarters.
  • Burned by Zuckerbeg’s rejection, Pradeep tried turning the tables with a bizarre countersuit. He accused Zuckerberg of ‘stabbing him from the back side’ and labelling him a member of al-Qaeda using a fake Facebook page.

6 – Stalker Crashes Dancing with the Stars,


  • In 2009, Robert O’Ryan was arrested after he was caught driving all the way from Florida to California to stalk gold-medal Olympian Shawn Johnson. The thirty-six-year-old was attempting to break onto the set of reality show Dancing with the Stars, where Shawn was performing.
  • In his car, police found a loaded shotgun and handgun, some duct tape, and a stack of goopy love letters in which he referred to Shawn by the pet name ‘Sturdy Girl’.
  • While being interviewed, Robert revealed that he could communicate telepathically with celebrities. Apparently Shawn had been ‘speaking’ to him while she was performing at the Beijing Olympics. Definitely an original excuse.
  • Robert was sentenced to a Californian mental hospital for five years.

5 – Celebrity Crush Turns to Murder,


  • Robert John Bardo’s calling in life was stalking young celebrities. Instead of making a career out of it and becoming a douchey paparazzi, his obsession took a murderous turn.
  • In 1986, he became fixated on Rebecca Schaeffer, who was the star of the hit sitcom My Sister Sam. Three years later, he found Rebecca’s home address with the help of a private investigator and showed up at her apartment. Rebecca was shocked by the unexpected visitor, but graciously signed an autograph for him.
  • When he later returned, she told him to leave, which of course pissed him off. Furious that his love wasn’t returned, Robert produced a gun and shot her in the chest. Rebecca had bled to death by the time the police arrived. Robert was soon arrested after being found wandering in nearby traffic.


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