8 Shocking and Unexplainable Messages Found in Bottles


From random proposals to desperate rescue notes, we count eight shocking and unexplainable messages found in bottles!

8 – Long Distance Friendship,


  • During a Hawaiian cruise in 1979, Dorothy and John Peckham put notes asking finders to write to them into empty champagne bottles and threw them overboard. They even included money for postage.
  • Four years later, the couple received a letter from former Vietnamese soldier Hoa Van Nguyen, who said he found their message fifteen kilometres from a shore in Thailand while escaping Vietnam’s Communist regime. This meant the bottle had travelled 9,000 miles.
  • The Peckhams corresponded with Hoa for years, sharing milestones like births and weddings, and they even worked with Immigration to get Hoa’s family to America. Makes you realise how much we take Facebook for granted.

7 – Romance in a Bottle,


  • If you’re an unlucky-in-love Casanova in search for a wife, don’t despair. Get off Russianbrides.com and listen to the story of Ake Viking, a Swedish sailor who left his search for love up to fate.
  • Ake wrote a letter that simply said ‘To Someone Beautiful and Far Away’, then corked it in a bottle and tossed it overboard in the hopes that it net him a young woman to marry. It’s a bit like leaving crab traps.
  • Two years later, Ake received a surprising reply from a Sicilian girl named Paolina. ‘I am not beautiful,’ she wrote, ‘but it seems so miraculous that this little bottle travelled so far and long to reach me that I must send you an answer’.
  • The two became regular pen-pals and, three years later, Ake moved to Sicily to marry her.

6 – Message Found During Hiking Trip,


  • In Oakland, California, sixty-nine-year-old Larry Wright discovered a message in a rusted canister during a hiking trip to Sequoia National Park. The message had been written forty years earlier by a teenager named Tim Taylor, who requested that anyone that found it respond.
  • It took Larry over a month to find Taylor. He went through public records and visited Tim’s former residence, but had little success until he reached out to a local paper called the La Cañada Valley Sun. The newspaper wrote about Wright’s discovery, and the story eventually got back to Taylor, who was by now a Superior Court Judge.
  • Taylor had left the message after abandoning his Boy Scout hiking troop to climb the 12,000-foot peak alone. He’d picked up the habit of leaving messages in bottles from his father.

5 – Message from the Dead,


  • In 1995, ten-year-old hell-raiser Josh Baker dumped a bottle of his mother’s vanilla extract down the sink so he’d have something to put a handwritten note into.
  • His note mentioned his name and age and requested that its finder ‘put this on the news’. Josh then rode his bike over to Wisconsin’s White Lake and threw the bottle into the water.
  • Years later, Josh became a marine and survived a tour of duty in Iraq. Tragically, he died in a car accident not long after his homecoming, leaving his loved ones devastated.
  • Months later, Josh’s friends fished something strange out of White Lake by chance: a vanilla extract bottle containing the message from ten-year old Josh.
  • This message from beyond the grave came at just the right time and helped Josh’s family and friends to move on. It reminds Josh’s parents that their son is still with them.


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