8 Shocking Cases of People Who Faked Their Own Abductions

From trying to get out a dentist appointment to the worst way to get your Ex-Wife’s attention, we look at 8 Shocking Cases of People Who Faked Their Own Abductions


  1. Pawan Verma


  • Life got you down? Need a vacation but can’t afford it? Well just fake your own kidnapping and collect a cool ransom.
  • Pawan Verma from India had just that idea, wanting to take a vacation to Macau but couldn’t pony up the cash for it. So in a moment of genius…or stupidity, he decided that faking his own abduction and getting his dad to pay the ransom was his golden ticket.
  • And it worked until he went to pick up the ransom himself. Police were obviously watching the drop and boy would that have been an embarrassing situation. Now he’s have a nice relaxing time behind bars.
  1. CeCe Sims


  • Sometimes being popular, smart, pretty and a star athlete isn’t an easy gig.
  • That’s what happened with Cece Sims, an 18 year old who couldn’t take the pressure of being a star basketball player. So one night while out at a gig, she decided to just disappear. The next day she was reported missing after not showing up to practice. Police, state troopers and even the damn FBI were out looking for Sims. But soon Sims came forward to a police, telling a story where she has been snatched by a couple in a truck.
  • But when she was pumped for further information she cracked, revealing that she’d just needed sometime to herself and had been hanging out at a local Walmart the whole time.
  1. Robert Groomer


  • Robert Groomer is the type of guy who’s going to give you a wild ride of a relationship, from faking his own kidnapping to blowing up your house.
  • When a TV station in Louisiana received a message that Groomer had been kidnapped, along with photos of him tied up…they weren’t exactly sure what to do. So they handed them over to the police. Then two days later, Groomer’s Ex-wife is woken up to the sound of an explosion. Luckily she was unhurt but police found a series of cylinders that had been rigged up as a bomb.
  • Shortly after the TV station gets a call asking why they hadn’t covered the kidnapping and that a bomb had just gone off. Didn’t take the cops long to figure out who’d done the crime. Groomer was found and arrested two days later, turns out the whole thing, bomb and all was to try and get the attention of his ex-wife…no wonder she divorced him.
  1. Quinn Gray

Quinn Gray, left, appears with her attorney, Mark Miller, before St. Johns County Circuit Court Judge Wendy Berger during a bond reduction hearing Friday afternoon, October 2, 2009. Gray, currently being held on a $1 million bond, is accused of trying to extort $50,000 from her husband in what investigators called a fake kidnapping plot. BY DARON DEAN, daron.dean@staugustine.com

  • Like most fake abductions, this one was done for the ransom money…but it has as many twists and turns as a Hollywood thriller.
  • In 2009 Quinn Gray went missing, with only a note left in her home telling her husband that 3 men had taken her and that wanted $50,000. But three days later Quinn turned up at a police station, identifying her kidnapper as Jasmin Osmanovic.
  • The FBI easily found Jasmin but he had a very different story to tell. Turns out he and Quinn had been having an affair for some time and that she had planned the fake abduction with him in order to extort her husband. He even had a recording to prove it.


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