8 Shocking Sex Scandals Involving Teachers

From student teacher gang bangs to a high school that can’t seem to stop hiring predators, we look at 8 Shocking Sex Scandals Involving Teachers.

8 – Black Belt in Sexual Assault,


  • Sometimes going to learn a martial art is less “The Karate Kid” and more like a scene from “Mystic River”.
  • Robert Keith already had been convicted once for sexually abusing a child, yet somehow was able to open up a dojo teaching kids self-defence. Three kids were sexually abused in the dojo, with Keith telling them to do certain things in exchange for their black belts.
  • Keith committed suicide via poison shortly before he was to face up to court so chances are pretty good that he was guilty.

7 – SPECIAL Education,


  • This next teacher technically didn’t have any of her victims in her class, but that’s only because she taught special education kids.
  • Summer Michelle Hansen was convicted of 16 counts of sexual abuse towards 5 different students. Testimony was that she’d had sex with the students in classrooms, utility closets, cars and even one victim’s home.
  • Hansen was also sending naked photos to the teens. She ended up getting 3 years but parents were furious calling her a “predator” and a “Whore” when sentencing was passed. Well at least she didn’t abuse any of the special ed kids…I hope…

6 – Horndog High,


  • How many sexual abuse cases does a school need to have before they address the problem? How about 5 in 6 years?
  • James Madison High School in Brooklyn has had a rash of predatory educators in its halls over recent years. Dubbed ‘Horndog High’, the incidents seem to be not even close to one off events. One teacher in 2012 was charged with 50 counts of statutory rape.
  • The latest teacher to be involved in misconduct with a student managed to leave the school and get hired in another high school in New Jersey but when the media broke the scandal he was quickly fired. I guess even having Bernie Sanders and Chris Rock as your alumni won’t save your reputation.

5 – Pamela Rogers,


  • What happens when you cross a psycho stalker ex with a school teacher? You get someone like Pamela Rogers.
  • This Tennessee gym teacher was convicted of 13 counts of statutory rape in 2005. Targeting one particular student, she was sentence to 9 months in prison but made it out after 7 for playing nice. But once out she fell back into old habits, attempting to court her victim again through Myspace.
  • This was even though she was still on probation and had been ordered to not ever contact the boy again. Anyway the Myspace message didn’t work so she texted him a video of her erotically dancing…which got her straight back into jail …for seven years.


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