8 Simple Questions That Are Impossible To Answer


From the moths that hang around your porch light to why lefties exist, we look at 8 Simple Questions With No Answers.


  1. How long are Coastlines?


  • Geographers have struggled for centuries to accurately show the world but one question they can’t answer is how long any country’s coast line is.
  • Yep, that’s right… we can’t even answer what the length of the UK, US, Australian….any country with a beach is pretty much impossible to measure. And it’s mainly because of definitions over just how much detail we need and where to stop.
  • Coasts obviously aren’t in straight lines and every little crevice makes a difference. For example the US has two very different length figures, the CIA say its 12,000 miles….but another study says its 97,000 miles….yeah….only a slight difference there.
  1. Why are some people left handed?


  • The brain is still about as mysterious to us as it always has been, which is probably why we still have no idea why some people are left handed.
  • Or why people are right handed for that matter. Any handed. Why are some people ambidextrous? Bottom line is we don’t know. One proposed explanation was that it involved the speech center of the brain being different in Righties and Lefties…
  • Buuut that didn’t really pan out because there was no consistency between it being in one place in all righties and another in all lefties. So now we are just left to wonder why some people will always have more trouble driving a stick shift than others.
  1. Why Do Women Go Through Menopause


  • One of the greatest mysteries about the human body probably doesn’t seem like a mystery at all.
  • Why do women go through menopause? Now you’re probably saying “because they are old idiot!” but biologically that’s not an answer. Life serves a singular purpose and that’s to reproduce even if that meant killing you to do it. Almost all life has the ability to reproduce until it dies. Heck the list of things that don’t are human women and a few types of whales.
  • Menopause is essentially a unique event in the animal kingdom that even goes against the concept of natural selection. This inbuilt feature of the human body that gives your Aunt hot flashes is far more interesting than you’d ever thought.
  1. What Causes Lightning?


  • This is one of those ones where science has provided the how but not exactly the why.
  • Lightning, has had a string of mythical explanations from God showing his wrath to angry clouds. Science has told us that lightning is the product of opposite electrical charges gathering in clouds and creating an imbalance. But we still don’t know why those charges build up.
  • Some theories blame cosmic rays passing through the atmosphere and carrying negative electrons to the bottom of clouds, others have blamed ice particles and gravity. But there is no real consensus yet. Hmm maybe the clouds are just angry…


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