8 Strangest Things People Have Found Inside Walls


From witch craft paraphernalia to X-rated board games, we look at 8 strangest things people have found inside walls.

  1. Babe with the power


  • In 1850 Paris, a couple made a grim discovery when they came across a mummified baby in the wall of their apartment.
  • The Parisian couple were renovating their flat when they came upon their morbid houseguest. Police quickly charged the pair with murder. Luckily the charges against them were dropped shortly after a physician determined that the body had been in the wall for quite a bit longer than the couple.
  • The landmark case was the first instance of forensic investigation using insects to determine a timeline for a person’s death. Despite the cops’ eagerness to solve the crime, they were never able to figure out whose baby that was entombed in the wall.
  1. Snake Charmer


  • In 2009 an Idaho family thought they’d found their dream home, until they discovered there house was atop a snake den.
  • At first, they saw a few snakes in their backyard which wasn’t so bad. The panic set in when they heard the snakes slithering in the walls in the dead of night. Then they found out the odd “onion” taste of their water was caused by the slimy bastards shitting in their well and emitting a chemical to ward off other predators.
  • The family shortly abandoned the snake harem and declared bankruptcy. They lasted three months in the snake den, which is about 89 days more than I could have. Seriously though, where’s Samuel L Jackson when you need him?!
  1. Power of the Cat

-...PIC: apexnewspix.com 22/04/2009. No more nine lives - Richard Parson from Devon with a 400yr old mummified cat that was discovered hidden inside his ancient cottage at Ugborough by builders during a renovation. Local legend has it that the mummified moggy was placed in the walls of the house to ward off witches, four centuries ago. Mr Parson said it had done a good job so far and said, "I am of the opinion that it works as since we have lived in the village, we have seen sight nor sound of any witches." The new family pet has caused quite a stir amongst locals with neighbours telling tales of superstition and witchcraft! Mr Parson is pictured in his bathrooom next the location in the wall where the cat was discovered. ** SEE STORY BY APEX NEWS - 01392 823144 **

  • In Lancashire, England, construction crews were shocked to find a mummified cat inside the wall of an ancient cottage.
  • It was put there by witches trying to ward away evil spirits. Anthropologists think the cottage was a notorious meeting place for the Pendle witches in the 17th and 18th It was around this part of Lancashire that the Pendle witch trials were held more than 400 years ago.
  • They’re pretty sure the poor cat was alive when he was entombed by the magic-users. Jeez, no wonder they killed so many witches back in the day. Those guys were dicks.
  1. Defunct Da Vinci


  • In the 1500s, some big shot hired Leonardo Da Vinci to paint a mural of the Battle of Anghiari.
  • When the big shot hired someone to paint over it many years later, the painter couldn’t bring himself to. So the artist inserted a false wall in front of Da Vinci’s painting and painted in front of it. It wasn’t until a decade ago that art experts found it the painting was still there.
  • Unfortunately the conflicting parties can’t figure out what to do next because they don’t want to risk wrecking the artwork in front of it. So it seems the painting will have to go unappreciated for a few more years. At least we have the Da Vinci code to keep us occupied….he wrote that, didn’t he?


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