8 Things Animals Do That We Can’t Explain


From judicial crows to the reason your cat is a zoological Rubik’s Cube, we look at 8 things animals do that we can’t explain.

8 – Crow Grudges,


  • A lot of people know that crows can hold grudges but there’s some even more bizarre behaviour involved.
  • Research showed that crows captured and released for study would squawk at their captors’ years after the event. But not only that, but the next generation would also do the same thing. Now the smart conclusion would be that young crows were just following the older crows. Makes sense right?
  • Except that further studies showed that nests would still react the same way without an adult crow raising them. Meaning that these fledglings somehow know this one particular human is a danger without being taught it.

7 – Bird Migration,


  • Bird’s ability to migrate back to the exact same places every change of season has baffled scientists for years.
  • You’ve probably heard of “birds flying south for the winter” but what that doesn’t tell you is that they fly back to the exact same places every year. One study captured Cuckoos and released them over 1000 km away from their home, but the birds were still able to get back to their normal migration route. There’s still no solid explanation at how the creatures manage it.
  • While Humans are more increasingly being forced to rely on GPS guidance mainly because we’re too dumb to read a map half the time. Birds are upstaging you with a walnut sized brain.

6 – Yawning,


  • Did you know that pretty much every creature with a spine yawns and yet we still don’t know exactly why?
  • This mystery behaviour that has long plagued your all-nighters is shared with most of the animals on Earth. Monkeys, Lions, Dogs, Cats…hell even fish do it. Not only that but “contagious” yawning isn’t just in humans either, it’s been observed happening in chimps.
  • So what’s the deal? Is every living thing just really bored? Well we don’t know, there are several theories from it helping to regulate brain temperature to it being the body telling it to stay alert and watch for predators.

5 – Cows eat in the same directions,


  • Now when you think “animals that do weird shit”, cows wouldn’t be the first one to jump to your mind.
  • But much like a librarian who’s into “50 Shades of Grey”, cows hide a dark secret behind their mundane exterior. And that secret is that they all eat standing the same direction. Now hang on, the weirder part is that they only eat facing either north or south.
  • We don’t know why or even how the cows know they are facing the right direction but it happens all over the world. Maybe grass only tastes good when you are looking at the North Pole, who knew cows were such food snobs.



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