8 Weirdest Fossils Ever Discovered


From a spider attack that’s been immortalised in amber to ­­­­­­prehistoric porn, we count eight of the weirdest fossils ever discovered!

8 – Fossilised Rhino Skull,


  • Statistically, only two percent of all fossils are found in volcanic rock. This is because heat incinerates organic matter and it makes the discovery of this rare prehistoric rhinoceros fossil in Turkey so amazing.
  • The fossil shows that the rhino had two rough-surfaced horns and brittle skin.
  • This poor guy would’ve died a sudden and violent death 9.2 million years ago. The animal was most likely dismembered by the speeding river of ash and volcanic rock. Scientists believe it also would’ve had its skull baked at temperatures around 450°C. Not a nice way to go…

7 – Sabre-Toothed Squirrel,


  • While most squirrels like collecting nuts, these prehistoric sabre-toothed versions would likely tear your nuts off if given the chance. They certainly aren’t the adorable little critters from Disney movies and Hallmark cards.
  • According to scientists, this mammal walked the earth 100 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. It had a long snout and huge canine fangs that would’ve made short work of insects.
  • Fossils of sabre-toothed squirrels have been unearthed in Argentina and other South American regions, and experts have learnt a lot about their biology by studying recovered skulls.

6 – Preserved Spider Attack,


  • If you’re afraid of spiders you might not see the appeal in this one-of-a-kind fossil that shows a prehistoric spider about to tear into its prey. For everyone else, though, this is pretty damn cool.
  • This ancient piece of amber is like a centuries-old snapshot. It was discovered in Burma’s Hukawng Valley and dates back over a hundred million years to the Early Cretaceous period.

5 – Megalodon Shark Jaw,

  • The Megalodon shark was the largest predator on Earth, so it’s no surprise its jaw can comfortably fit a family of four. I mean, this thing is so big it makes Great White sharks look like goldfish.
  • This impressive fossilised jaw set is made up of 182 teeth, some of which are over seven inches long. If he had to it would take this guy like an hour to clean his teeth.
  • The whole set was reconstructed by renowned fossil hunter Vito Bertucci. Vito spent nearly two decades obsessively collected fragments of teeth from rivers in South Carolina. What can you say? Dude really loved dinosaurs.


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