8 Weirdest Japanese Game Shows


From being made to eat household objects to singing karaoke while getting a handjob, we count eight of the weirdest things that happen on Japanese game shows!

8 – Orgasm Wars,


  • Because there are no limits to our depravity, I give you ‘Orgasm Wars’ – the Japanese game show where gay men try to get straight men to orgasm!
  • Described as the ‘ultimate sexuality showdown’, the straight contestant enters the arena, sprouting trash talk like ‘Hoho! You will not spill the seed of my honour!’ Yeah, it’s basically a gay version of Street Fighter.
  • The gay challenger then performs oral sex on the contestant for forty minutes while a live audience cheers them on. Who will emerge victorious? One man’s staunch heterosexuality or the challenger, who has a black belt in fellatio? Either way, the audience – and modern broadcasting standards – lose.

7 – Dero! Dero!


  • We all know audiences love it when game show contestants crack under pressure. Well, a Japanese game show creator has taken this concept and raised the stakes – in the most, well… Japanese way possible.
  • Contestants on Dero! Dero! have to solve difficult puzzles in extremely high-pressure – and frankly dangerous – situations. Imagine trying to solve a Rubik’s cube when suddenly the fucking floor starts retracting, revealing a bottomless pit! Or how about when that sealed room starts slowly filling with water?
  • That’s right: in Japan, game shows are survival horror games. Only instead of having to restart from the last save point, you lose your fucking life!

6 – Strip The Girl,


  • How’s this for a game show pitch? A team of grown men try to expose a naked woman by throwing balls at some panels. Sounds inappropriate, right? Well, in the land of the rising sun that shit is considered wholesome family entertainment!
  • The game’s called Strip the Girl and involves a bungee cord, a bath of black goo, and a naked girl showering. The tethered contestants take turns climbing a slippery slope while knocking out the panels to claim their prize.
  • It’s actually pretty challenging. Most of the guys last just a few seconds before the bungee chord drags them into the sludge pit. But, like all guys, these contestants happily endure national embarrassment and push themselves to their gruelling physical limits all for the chance of seeing boobs.

5 – Gaki no Tsukai!


  • Feel like watching someone snort wasabi, get face-raped by a spider then stick a vibrator down their pants in a public library? Gaki no Tsukai is the show for you! This show is Japan’s answer to Wheel of Fortune and has been on the air for three decades.
  • Tsukai’s most popular segment is the ‘Punishment Game’, where contestants endure a weekend of over-the-top pranks. The catch? They’re not allowed to laugh – or they’ll be punished!
  • Each person is given embarrassing or dangerous dares, like wearing a fart-powered oxygen mask or grinding your butt in the face of other contestants. It’s basically Jackass with regular people.


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