8 Weirdest Ways People Found Out They Have Cancer


From visiting your GP to find your missing sense of humour to realising your huge baby bump is actually a malignant tumour, we count eight of the weirdest ways people found out they have cancer!



  • Most people would consider being attacked by a shark the worst day of their life, but for Eugene Finney it was actually the luckiest!
  • The father-of-two was swimming off the Californian coast when he was aggressively smashed into by the king of the ocean. Eugene was left with severe cuts and bruises, but at least he didn’t end up sleeping with the fishes.
  • He went straight to the hospital to be checked out. That’s when doctors found something even scarier: a cancerous tumour. Fortunately, they were able to remove it and it looks like he’ll make a full recovery. Maybe the shark had been trying to tell him to get a check-up all along. If only there was some way animals could communicate…



  • They say a picture tells a thousand words, but this picture of two-year-old Avery Fitzgerald saved his life. It was taken by his mother, Julie Fitzgerald, who saw something in it that unsettled her.
  • In the photo Julie noticed that one of Avery’s pupils was entirely white. He didn’t get the usual red eyes that most people get from flash photography. When she took him to the hospital, doctors discovered that Avery had retinoblastoma, a malignant tumour that affects children’s retinas.
  • Over seventy-five percent of Avery’s eye was covered in tumours, so it had to be removed. That’s the bad news. The good news is that doing so narrowly prevented the cancer spreading, saving his life.



  • Yeah, skateboarding dogs are impressive, but what’s even more impressive is Max, the ten-year-old collie who saved his elderly owner’s life by communicating that something was wrong.
  • Sixty-four-year-old Maureen Burns said she realised something was wrong when her furry best friend started acting strangely. He kept sniffing Maureen’s breath and nudging her right breast. Eventually Maureen checked her breasts and discovered a small lump.
  • Maureen went in for a mammogram, but the growth didn’t show up on it. Still, Maureen was convinced it was serious so insisted on a biopsy. It turned out Max and Maureen were right: the lump was malignant. Maureen had it surgically removed, then some radiation treatment, and it now looks like she’s out of the woods. All because of a dog who stop touching her breasts.



  • While a lot of celebrities find their fans really annoying, this reality show host owes his life to one observant superfan. Tarek El Moussa, host of the show Flip or Flop, found out he had thyroid cancer when a trained nurse watching from home spotted a lump on the host’s neck.
  • The fan immediately contacted the production company to warn Tarek to get a biopsy. Her email subject line read ‘THIS IS NOT A JOKE’.
  • Thanks to the eagle-eyed viewer, Tarek caught the illness before it could spread any further. He had the nodule removed and is now back to filling our lives with more reality TV goodness.


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