8 Worst Neighbours Ever


From hate-filled anonymous letters to a man who burned his neighbour’s house down over the length of his lawn, we count eight stories of truly terrible neighbours!

8 – Burning Down the House,


  • Phillip Roger Bennett is serious about neighbourhood landscaping. How serious? Like burn down your house After an argument with neighbour Marty Corbitt about the length of his lawn, Bennett slapped Marty right in his hippy face and threatened to make matters worse if Marty didn’t get out his weed-whacker and trim those unruly blades of grass.
  • Marty wasn’t interested in being lectured by non-authority figures, so went inside to watch TV with his daughter. That’s when Phillip kicked down his door and told him he had five seconds to get out before he poured gas all over the home and set it on fire.
  • This was no idle threat, and Marty and his daughter barely escaped alive. Meanwhile everything in their home was completely destroyed. The moral of the story? Mow your lawn, kids.

7 – Twenty-Four-Hour Race Track,


  • A former criminal-turned-lottery winner built a twenty-four-hour racetrack in an upscale neighbourhood. Michael Carroll turned his new five-bedroom Norfolk mansion into the racetrack from hell.
  • All night long, drunk rev-heads cheered as beat-up old cars did laps around the track. Every night, Michael set off fireworks and distress flares and, at one point, started an accidental fire that engulfed the neighbourhood in smoke. Police were called dozens of times, but apparently he wasn’t breaking any laws. Several of his neighbours eventually moved out of frustration.
  • Fortunately Michael’s lavish lifestyle didn’t last forever. He quickly blew through his fortune, wasting millions on cocaine, booze, gambling and prostitutes, and now works at a cookie factory. I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

6 – Offensive Letter,


  • It’s not easy being the parent of a handicapped kid – especially when your neighbours are as horrible as this. An anonymous neighbour sent a letter to Karla Begley, the mother of an autistic boy, saying she should ‘do the right thing and move or euthanize him’.
  • This hate-filled letter was seriously messed up. Some of the jaw-dropping highlights include: ‘he is a hindrance to everyone and will always be that way’, ‘no employer is going to hire him and no girl will ever love him’ and ‘they should donate whatever non-retarded body parts he possesses to science’.
  • Karla, who herself suffers from multiple sclerosis, said she broke down in tears when she read it.

5 – Crazy Lady,

  • As Mr Cut Your Lawn above demonstrated, it’s pretty common for neighbours to argue about plants and pruning. Still, few neighbours would take it as far as Jeanne Wilding.
  • Jeanne’s insane strategy to win the title of Worst Neighbour included dumping oil, nails, faeces, animal carcasses, and broken glass on her neighbour’s driveway. She also spied on them using CCTV cameras, blinded them with floodlights and blared offensive music in the middle of the night.
  • Her excessive actions earned her 257 complaints, thirty arrests and drove her neighbours to seek treatment for depression. One thing’s for sure: living next to Jeanne Wilding was never boring.


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