9 Amazing Kitchen Hacks


From cleaning the microwave in record time to making the most of your hard earned bacon, we look at 9 amazing kitchen hacks.

  1. Rice, More Nice


  • Love rice but hate the calories? Science has found the answer and no it isn’t a drug habit so debilitating you forget about the rice.
  • Well science might have saved the day, yet again. Scientists have discovered a way to make your sexy rice dish lower in calories. your call. First you cook your white rice like you normally would but including some coconut oil to the pot too. Then once it’s cooked, you let it cool and chill in the fridge for at least 12 hours. That part if mandatory because the coconut oil is busy converting the rice’s starch into a less fatty format.
  • It takes some planning but your waistline will thank you. Or you can eat an extra serving of Ben & Jerrys without guilt; Yeah science, bitch!
  1. Smoked


  • This one is for all you pyromaniacs out there. Homemade smoked tuna using nothing but canned tuna, a lighter and toilet paper. That’s right, you’re gonna MacGyver that shit.
  • This is an old Israeli army trick for when they had to come up with interesting ways of preparing their rations. You’ll need to use tuna in oil for this. If you use spring water tuna, everything is going to get soggy and gross. You take the lid off the tuna and without draining away any of the oil, lay about three pieces of toilet paper against the tuna, letting it soak up some oil. Then you light that bad boy up on all sides.
  • It should take about 25 minutes to burn through, then you just remove the scorched paper and blow away any leftover ash. Why would anyone buy smoked tuna when you can make your own with fire?!
  1. Waffling On


  • Is your waffle iron gathering dust next to the blender you swore you were gonna use to get healthy? Yeah, I know your MO.
  • But waffle irons are handier than you realise. You make hash browns in that bad boy and cook some kick ass bacon. Omelets are also delicious in a waffle maker, so long as you remember to oil that baby up. But it’s not just breakfast foods; oh no. You can make some epic desserts in there too, like waffle cookies.
  • So don’t let your waffle iron go to waste, make an entire breakfast feast. Or better yet, make briner; breakfast for dinner. Every meal should come with pancakes and maple syrup.
  1. Lazy Susan

fridge hack lazy susan

  • Everybody has that condiment domain in their fridge; the messy spot where you have to yank out ten types of mustard to get to the single thing you actually need.
  • Instead of pulling out everything, you can swivel your way to glory by strategically placing a lazy Susan in your pantry or fridge. Then instead of the usual traffic jam of condiments, it’s easy access with swivel-y goodness.
  • The only question left is, who is Susan and if she’s so lazy, why is she so damn useful? Think about it.
  1. Nice Ice


  • Wanna be the Walter White of ice? While I can’t offer you the formula for the Heisenberg shit but I can fill you in on how to make clear ice cubes.
  • You know how your run-of-the-mill ice cubes are as cloudy as the Simpsons intro? Well not anymore. If you boil the water before you freeze it, you get nifty clear ice cubes. This works best with filtered water, especially for the fans in Flint, Michigan.
  • Let it cool before you put it into your ice tray and then chuck it in the freezer and Bob’s your uncle, or boyfriend or whatever. No more cloudy ice cubes for you.


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