9 Bizarre Ways People Got Stuck


From political stunts gone wrong to the reason you shouldn’t try and prank your wife, we look at 9 Bizarre Ways People Got Stuck.

9 – Anakin Stuck-Walker,


  • Oh the stupid things we do when we are kids, especially when we are trying to recreate an epic battle between fictional characters.
  • These two 4th graders were pretending to be Anakin Skywalker and Boba Fett in an epic battle that was probably full of more imagination than the entire prequel trilogy. But everyone knows Anakin is lame, so the kid playing as him decided to put his head through a chair…which is cool right?
  • Anyway, by the time he realised what he was doing was stupid, his head was well and truly stuck. An emergence team had to hacksaw him out in the end. No info on who won the battle but I’m giving this one to Boba Fett.

8 – Boris Johnson’s Zip Line Adventure,


  • If you followed the 2012 Olympics at all, you might remember this odd stunt that got the Mayor of London stuck on a zip line.
  • Boris Johnson, that crazy guy who led the charge for Brexit was making headlines years ago for…well making a fool of himself in different ways. In a stunt to celebrate Great Britain’s first gold medal, Boris tried to zip line while waving union jack flags around. And then he got stuck halfway.
  • But at least he had a sense of humour about it, saying “this is great fun but it needs to go faster”. He soon later called out to the crowd for a ladder. I’m sure the remain voters are wishing he was still stuck up there.

7 – Upside Down Coaster,


  • Rollercoasters are notorious for getting stuck on the tracks but this one has to be one of the worst examples of it.
  • In China, 18 people were stranded on the ride when high winds caused the tracks to jam. The worst part is that they were stuck upside down. After half an hour they were finally rescued and only 6 of them ended up in hospital.
  • Considering how sick they were probably feeling before the ride got stuck, it’s no surprise some of them were left feeling ill after 30 minutes of dangling. I wouldn’t want to be standing underneath them.

6 – Human Jack in the Box,


  • Ah Australia, the place where men decide that getting naked and hiding in a washing machine to scare your wife is considered a good idea.
  • This poor lad was on his way to have a shower when he had the compulsion to make a human jack in the box out of his washing machine. Everything was going to plan until he couldn’t do the whole jumping out thing.
  • Fortunately he had his phone on him and was able to call emergency services who… after having a good laugh at him, used olive oil to lube up his escape.

5 – The Chimney Death Trap,


  • You might have heard a few recent cases of people getting stuck in chimneys, dying in some Santa Claus meets Saw death trap.
  • One Californian burglar for example died wedged in the damn thing after the home owner decided it was chilly out and lit a nice roaring fire. Other cases have been less severe. One woman tried to slide naked into her Ex’s house but got stuck and had to be freed with a sledgehammer.
  • The horrifying part is that these things have been killing people for ages. Child aged chimney sweeps would get stuck all the time and die. In fact it’s very possible that the word stuck originated to describe people jammed in Chimneys.


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