9 Cleverest Ways to Cheat on an Exam


From knowing your teacher’s Achilles heel to using your stationary in unintended ways we look at 9 Cleverest Ways to Cheat on an Exam.

  1. The Eraser


  • Erasers aren’t just good for getting rid of writing, they are also good for being written on.
  • What use is that? Well when you have a very limited inventory in test, being able to write cheat notes on those little white squares can come in handy. It’s especially good if its one that has a cardboard sleeve around it, giving you an extra stealth mode.
  • But that’s not all, another method is to slice the eraser in half and chuck in a concertina folded piece of paper.
  1. Tissue Paper


  • Sometimes having a runny nose can lead to your advantage rather than just annoying everyone around you.
  • Tissue paper is another everyday allowance into test environments, after all what teacher is going to let a student leak snot all over their test paper. Many cheaters have used that to get the edge by writing down notes onto a prepared tissue and faking a snotty nose.
  • Take out the tissue, read it quickly and then blow. It’s a good plan to get rid of the evidence because no one is going to want to pry open your snot filled cheat tissue.
  1. Good Impressions


  • Having a blank page in front of you doesn’t mean there’s nothing on it…if you catch my drift.
  • This one only works where you can bring in a notebook or your own paper, but basically these crafty cheaters have been writing out a cheat sheet using just an extra bit of pressure. This then leaves an impression on the page below so while it looks harmless you have all the info you need right there.
  • Of course you will need to have keen eyesight to still read the almost invisible text, otherwise you’ll just end up with two blank pages.
  1. Posterized


  • All great tacticians know to use the environment to their advantage and for students that means hiding cheats on crappy posters.
  • Chances are you have been sitting your education in a room filled with cheesy posters, well this redditor used those posters for a different kind of inspiration. Writing cheat words or phrases on the posters around him before the test.
  • Of course no one will notice because normally these posters are so tacky that our brains automatically block them out, that’s a scientific fact.
  1. The Mighty Pen


  • Your trusty pen isn’t just the tool for writing down your answers, it is the answers.
  • Well it can be if you follow some pretty simple hacks that just boil down to very clever ways to sneak in a bit of paper with words on it. But that bit of paper may just save your ass on that one multiple choice question. While it might seem a bit obvious some of these expert cheaters have created masterpieces of cheat sheet smuggling equipment.
  • Just make sure you use a pen that you can easily open though, otherwise you’ll have to crack that thing open like a cheating fortune cookie and well you don’t need to read the paper inside to know you’re pretty screwed.


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