9 Creepiest Bedroom Shrines In the World.


From knife-crazy satanic worshipers to next-level crazy fangirls, we count 9 of the creepiest bedroom shrines ever.


9 – Knifey Shrine


  • Police who were trying to arrest a woman in Florida were shocked when they accidentally uncovered this bizarre satanic shrine hidden in her mobile home.
  • The woman was reportedly being questioned over her previous offenses of criminal mischief and violating her probation but wouldn’t let the police officers inside her caravan. They broke the door down to find the vehicle overflowing with more than 3,500 knives, swords, fake body parts and devil worship pentagrams.
  • After attempting to slice up the officers with a machete, she was thankfully arrested and charged for being an aggressive weirdo.

8 –Get the Shoe Shrine

Shoe Whore shrine ala Carrie (14)

  • You don’t even have to be a devil-worshipper to build yourself a creepy-ass shrine, here’s an example of a person who prefers to worship high-heels.
  • This is apparently a shrine made to honour the shoe choices of fictional character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in The City. It’s a very specific obsession that must have taken hours to cut out all those photos and copy quotes about shoes all over her wardrobe.
  • I guess shoes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but a big collage shoe mural is just a little on the creepy side.

7 – Stephen Fry


  • This shrine is a celebration of the witty and charming persona of English celebrity Stephen Fry.
  • It was created by a girl in her late teens who is apparently a huge fan of Fry’s activism and all-round intelligent character. The cupboard altar features pictures of Fry from his different acting roles and quotes about his thoughts on life. It even has a creepy candle in the centre, which the teenage worshipper is not allowed to because her mother’s house insurance policy does not cover shrine fires.
  • As far as shrines go, there are far worse human beings you could worship.

6 – Royals


  • If you’ve ever wanted to sleep in a stranger’s house looking at the queen, this bedroom covered in 10,000 pictures of the royal family might be for you.
  • Margaret Tyler from Wembley in the UK started collecting royal paraphernalia in 1977, and now her house is completely filled with it. You can rent a room in her eerie royal shrine for the night and she will even serve you royal themed food for breakfast.
  • A whole room is dedicated to Princess Diana alone, with a portrait of the princess painted on the ceiling to watch down on you while you sleep.


  • Creepy (40%)
  • Wat (25%)
  • Epic (13%)
  • No (12%)
  • Lewd (10%)