9 Deadliest Plants You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


From ­­­­­­plants that make you vomit uncontrollably to an everyday flower that can kill you, we count nine of the deadliest plants on earth!

9 – Belladonna,


  • With nicknames like ‘Devil’s berries’ and ‘deadly nightshade’, it was inevitable that the Belladonna plant would make this list. Native to Europe and Africa, this plant and the delicious berries it produces are super
  • Ingesting any part of this plant will make a person delirious and cause whacky hallucinations. Its huge list of symptoms includes slurred speech, headaches, poor vision, breathing difficulties and convulsions. Oh, and if you’re a child you can add instant death to that list. Without an antidote, anyone who eats this will eventually die as their body’s involuntary reflexes shut down. Say goodbye to breathing and regulated heart rates!
  • Although it’s unbelievable women in the Victorian era actually used nightshade in their beauty regimes! They applied droplets to their eyes so that their pupils would dilate. This was considered a ‘dreamy’ look. I guess back then looking tripped out and near-death was the height of sexiness!

8 – Daffodils,


  • The sight of a sunny daffodil means spring has officially arrived. Picking up a bouquet of these beautiful flowers seems like a thoughtful gesture for that special someone, but it turns out that daffodils can be deadly.
  • Their bulb and leaves contain toxic alkaloids, which cause dizziness, abdominal pain, convulsions, and even death if eaten. You might be thinking, ‘Well, okay, but who’d be dumb enough to eat a daffodil?’ It actually happens a lot – especially with children and animals around.
  • In fact, in the Netherlands during World War II, farmers unthinkingly poisoned their own cattle by feeding them daffodil bulbs. The moral? Daffodils are nice in a vase; not in your mouth.

7 – Rosary Pea,


  • The Rosary Pea is one versatile little plant! Not only is it nice to look at but natives from Indonesia use it to make beads and percussion instruments. This musical plant is known as a climber, which basically means it grows on and around other trees, shrubs and hedges.
  • Unfortunately, the Rosary Pea also a dark side. Its seeds secrete an extremely potent poison called abrin that is a whopping seventy-five times stronger than similar plant-based poisons. It takes very little of this poison to kill a full-grown adult – just three micrograms will do it.
  • Even the production of Rosary beads is dangerous, with people dying just from pricking their fingers on drill bits that had touched the seeds. If you’re a budding botanist maybe avoid this one…

6 – White Snakeroot,


  • This innocent-looking herb is found all over North America and is best remembered as the plant that killed Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy. It’s called white snakeroot and basically looks like a cluster of white flowers.
  • White snakeroot contains a highly toxic alcohol called trematol. Obviously ingesting trematol will kill you, but that’s not even how Nancy died! She merely drank the milk of a cow that had grazed on snakeroot!
  • Fortunately farmers are now aware of this danger, so they get rid of any white snakeroot growing in animal pastures.


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