9 Disgusting Things that Happen to your Body Every Day


From the absurd amount of times you actually break wind to the horrible things growing inside your belly button we look at 9 Disgusting Things that Happen to your Body Every Day

9 – Pints of Sweat,


  • Ever wonder why your socks feel and smell like you stepped in a swamp at the end of the day?
  • It’s probably the result of the body doing its natural thing of pouring out over a gallon of sweat through your feet. The sweat then attracts as much bacteria as it can like some sort of gross pool party in your sneakers.
  • You don’t notice the huge amounts of salty liquid gushing out of our body, partly because there are about 3 million glands doing it. 500,000 of those are on your feet, so next time you buy a pair of YEEZY’s remember they are just very expensive sweat absorbers.

8 – Tonsil Stones,


  • If you suffer from bad breath this one might be part of the cause for it.
  • Your body is a mucus factory, so it’s not surprise that this mucus gets into places it shouldn’t, especially in your tonsils. Little pockets in your tonsils can trap mucus from your body causing you to grow these tiny disguising stones that can be difficult to remove.
  • Though much more common to tonsillitis sufferers, your body is constantly creating them. The only “cure” is to just get your tonsils out ripped out. Good riddance I say, bastards keep ruining my dates.

7 – Sneeze Distance,


  • This is the very reason why people tell you to cover your face when you sneeze, you rude jackass.
  • Every time your body decides to catapult your snot from your face, it’s travelling a lot further than you think. You nose mucus can travel up to 17 feet, meaning that people across a room can be get your boogers on their face.
  • New studies show that the small airborne bacteria you sneeze out can also travel even greater…insane distances. So every day you are probably getting some asshat’s snot on your face and that’s how plagues spread, use a god damn tissue!

6 – Face Mites,


  • If you have a problem with parasitic creatures having an orgy on your face….well I’ve got some very bad news for you…
  • Face mites or Demodex Folliculorum are microscopic creatures that live in your eyelashes and skin pours. Mostly around the cheeks, forehead and nose. These fairly harmless creatures are mostly likely transmitted from our parents and grow on us throughout our life time.
  • Buuut that means every day these things are getting busy on your face and laying their eggs in your eye lashes. Meaning that for them your face is just an amusement park of food and sex that never closes.


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