9 Dumbest Animals Ever


From lazy pandas that just want to die to dogs that eat hundreds of rocks, we count 9 of the dumbest animals.


9 – Pandas

  • As endangered as they are, Pandas are really not doing anything to keep their own species alive.
  • Bamboo is about the only thing Pandas will eat, and it has virtually no nutrients. Because of their diet, Pandas are constantly munching and lazing around with no energy. If a female Panda can be bothered to get off her ass and mate once a year, she won’t even realise she’s pregnant. Sometimes pandas give birth without even realising and freak out and kill the tiny crying babies.
  • They might be adorable, but Pandas don’t seem to even care about living.

8 – Sloths


  • Apart from their nightmarish faces and sleazy looking eyes, sloths are pretty baffling creatures.
  • They’re the slowest animals in the world and spend up to 80% of their time sleeping in balls up in tree branches. Once a week, sloths will descend their trees to take a poop on the ground and then slowly climb back up the tree. No one knows why they don’t just poop in the trees like other animals.
  • Luckily sloths generally live in warm climates because female sloths can’t digest food when they’re too cold.

7 – Kakapo


  • This native New Zealand bird might is so dumb it might as well be have no wings or a brain.
  • Even though the Kakapo looks like an owl and is technically a parrot, it can’t actually fly. It evolved with no predators around to threaten it, but since man discovered the bird, they have significantly decreased in numbers. In fact there’s only 150 birds still alive.
  • Kakapos wander around the forest floors looking for food, and they freeze when their scared. They’re a predators dream.

6 – Koala


  • Koalas are beloved Australian animals, but in reality they’re just tiny stoned toddlers covered in fur.
  • These cute mammals have the smallest brains of any mammals known to man, making up only 2% of its body weight. Their favourite food is eucalyptus leaves, which are so hard to digest that the animal had to develop four stomachs to deal with it. They literally could just eat any other leaves. They fight viciously with each other and squeal like annoying little babies.
  • They’re also filthy, it’s estimated about 90% of Koalas have chlamydia.


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