9 Dumbest End Of The World Prophecies Ever


From fortune telling chickens to Obama being the bringer of all destruction, We look at 9 Dumbest End Of The World Prophecies Ever

9 – Y2K,


  • In a decade where computers were beginning to become essential to everyday life, its no surprise that the millennium bug would drive some people into hysterical panic.
  • For those who didn’t live through madness of Y2K, the whole fever was caused because computer’s calendars wouldn’t recognise the new century. This would through the machines into an epic malfunction, banks would crash, nuclear reactors would meltdown and your child’s head would explode.
  • While the Y2K bug was an actual issue, the panic and predictions of Stone Age anarchy were just a tiny bit exaggerated. A lot of people worked hard at fixing the bug so that you could access your GeoCities on New Year’s Day.

8 – Charlie Manson’s Race War,


  • I’m not going to tell you how to live your life but you probably shouldn’t take end of the world predictions from a hippie psychopath too seriously.
  • Everyone knows Charles Manson lead his flock to do horrible things but part of his pitch to get them to do this was the upcoming race war. Manson predicted that African Americans would rise up and kill the white man for slavery revenge or something
  • As the United States became a bloodbath, Manson and his followers would ride out the storm in a lost city of gold in Death Valley. Yeah…something seems really stupid about all this.

7 – Pat Robertson’s Obama-pocolypse,


  • With Obama now at the end of his presidential career and the current crop of election hopefuls, it’s hard to understand the apocalyptic visions surrounding his election.
  • Aside from the crazy “Obama is da Anti-Christ” in 2008, in 2012 media mogul and Baptist minister Pat Robertson also predicted an Obama-pocolypse. Believing that God had told him that an Obama’s re-election would lead to an US economic collapse, dooming the rest of the world.
  • How? Why? Well who the hell knows just know Obama is bad because God told me so. But hey there is still time for Obama to cause the end of the world before President Trump does.

6 – The Jupiter Effect,

  • Y’know when someone posts on onion article on Facebook, ranting seriously about something that’s obviously untrue? Well this is the apocalyptic version of that.
  • Two astrophysics put forward that the world would end on March 10, 1982 when all 9 planets aligned. Proposing that the alignment would cause a gravitational pull, that would create wonderful things like solar flares and earthquakes.
  • But it was actually written as a hypothetical, not based on any real factual evidence. Much like people in the present, people in the 70’s also couldn’t fact check for shit and believed the theory.


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