9 Dumbest Laws


From illegal elevator widdles to not being able to say the word ‘gay’ we count 9 of the dumbest laws.

9 – Elevator Peeing


  • A law in Singapore strictly prohibits draining your snake inside an elevator.
  • There’s nothing worse than getting inside a lift and having the stench of whizz immediately insult your nostrils. Singapore decided enough is enough, and implemented urine-detection devices in some of their more frequently used elevators. These devices can detect the stench of urine and trigger the elevator doors to slam shut, holding the pee-pertrator hostage until police arrive.
  • Anyone found letting loose in a Singaporean elevator could be charged up to 500 bucks.

8 – One Dollar Law


  • If you’re waiting for payday you might want to be careful walking around the streets of Chicago.
  • The state-wide vagrancy law states that if you have less than one dollar on you at any time then police have the right to arrest you for being a bum. You could be wearing a gold-plated watch or carrying a sack of rare jewels, but if you can’t show them one single American dollar then you can expect to receive the full force of the law.

7 – Booze Hounds


  • Chicago has a few strange laws.
  • Residents of this city are prohibited by law from providing whiskey to dogs. It is strictly forbidden to pour a shot of hard liquor for your canine pal, no matter how much he might beg for it. Perhaps there was an epidemic of pooches getting wasted, or maybe some deadbeat owner drove his dog to alcoholism – for whatever reason they felt it necessary, it is explicitly illegal to give your dog booze in this city.
  • So next time your schnauzer wants to party, ask him politely to be the designated driver instead.

6 – Moustache Love Crimes


  • Meanwhile in Iowa City, there is a very peculiar law that potentially stops men and women from embracing in public.
  • The law states that ‘If a man is sporting a moustache, he is forbidden from kissing a woman in public’. So if you insist on indulging in public displays of affection in this city, you have to go home and shave first. It’s not quite clear who exactly is being offended by hairy-lipped men and their lady lovers, but apparently the state decided that they couldn’t take it anymore and outlawed it altogether.
  • Curls may get the girls, but a moustache will potentially get you a criminal conviction.


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  • Lewd (25%)
  • No (20%)
  • Creepy (12%)
  • Epic (11%)