9 Dumbest Movie Theories


From main characters being delusional to pointlessly connecting characters we look 9 dumbest movie theories.

9 – Poe Dameron is a sleeper agent,


  • When it comes to stupid and obsessive movie theories, Star Wars takes the shiny gold medal from the end of ‘A New Hope’
  • ‘The Force Awakens’ hasn’t been spared either with a theory cropping up to explain Poe’s sudden re-emergence halfway through the film. The theory goes that after the TIE fighter crash, Poe is picked up by the first order and then brainwashed. To what end? Well to of course betray the resistance at some crucial point.
  • Which totally explains why *spoilers* Poe destroys the Starkiller base just before it can destroy the resistance base but hey maybe that was the first order’s plan all along.

8 – The Ghostbusters died,


  • Oh my god this changes everything guys, what if the ghostbusters are actually spooky ghosts themselves?
  • Mind-blowing right? Except that it makes no damn sense. See the theory goes that when the team crosses the streams to defeat Gozer, they actually all get vaporised in the resulting explosion. To believe this one you need to pretend Ghostbusters 2 never happened and that end of the first film is just a dream or dying hallucination.
  • Not to mention the fact there is not a god damn thing in the film to support this as being what happened. This theory must have come from someone who just smoke too much weed while watching 80’s movies.

7 – The Schumacher Batman films are actually movies in the Burton Batman universe,


  • Have you ever been watching ‘Batman Forever’ and thought “Goddamn I wish I could make this fit with Batman Returns”? Well now you can.
  • Well you can as long as you don’t mind looking retarded. While it would explain some things like Harvey Dent changing from black to white and the Bat credit card, it doesn’t explain why Commissioner Gordon and Alfred decided to stop helping Batman to become actors.
  • As much as we hate to say it, the films are intended to the continuity with the darker Burton films. Then again the theory makes about as much sense as Gotham city turning into a dayglow coloured nightmare.

6 – Rose is Delusional,


  • A romance film where the main character falls in love with her imagination probably wasn’t what James Cameron had in mind with ‘Titanic’.
  • That hasn’t stopped people on the internet spreading this theory that is just silly. Arguing that there are no records of Jack being on the ship because he was actually a projection from Rose’s mind that she ultimately falls in love with.
  • However the film explains why there is no record of Jack being on the doomed ship as well as the fact that the character interacts with other people aboard. Plus if he isn’t real then who the hell drew that naked picture of Rose?

5 – Alien 3 is a dream,


  • Some people can’t accept when franchises take a direction they don’t like so they invent a new story.
  • That’s what happened to the long derided Alien 3 that took a darker turn from the previous film, killing off fan favourite characters and the main character as well. So fans come up with the theory that the film was all a nightmare induced by cryosleep, because a movie series about face rapping aliens should have happy endings.
  • Regardless of how you feel about Alien 3’s depressing plot to wave your hand in the air and say “it was all a dream” is about as stupid as Alien Resurrection.


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