9 Embarrassing Sex Stories


From roleplaying as your favourite horror movie slasher to being covered in explosive diarrhoea we look at 9 embarrassing sex stories.

  1. Eye Eye captain


  • A couple had been dating for a few months and decided to introduce some kink into their repertoire to spice things up. Her boyfriend suggested that he watch her while she used a vibrator.
  • While watching his lady love pleasure herself, he decides to take in a different angle by setting his head between her legs for the money shot. As she’s about to climax her pelvic floor muscles start to spasm. This causes their vibrating friend to eject out of her, only to hit her boyfriend in the face.
  • Leaving the unluckier fellow with a nice black eye for his troubles. So remember if you’re ever in this guy’s position, maybe wear some safety goggles.
  1. Birthday Bust


  • Birthday booty is the best kind of booty and on Adam’s, he and his girlfriend cosy up on the couch.
  • Assuming everyone else in the house was otherwise occupied, things get hot and heavy. Eventually, under the cover of a blanket the couple start to have sex while spooning.
  • Right in the middle of things his parents and sister walk into the dark room holding a cake and singing happy birthday. His family didn’t mention it but he’s sure they knew what they’d walked in on because they quickly excused themselves from the room, leaving the mortified couple alone to thank their lucky stars they weren’t in a more compromising position.
  1. Explosive Morning After


  • We’ve all known the queasiness of the morning after a big night of drinking but this couple got more than they bargained for when they engaged in some morning after nooky.
  • While in the reverse cowgirl position, he assumed she was writhing in pleasure, his lady unleashed a torrent of brown liquid from her ass, which went all over his chest.
  • At least the story has a happy ending; the couple are still together and the guy even says that at least you know your guy really loves you, when he stays after you’ve shit on him. Ah, Like Romeo and Juliet only with explosive diarrhoea instead of suicide.
  1. Jason Mask


  • In a relationship lots of people try to be cordial and bring their partner’s sexual fantasies to reality.
  • One girlfriend attempted to fulfil her partner’s fantasy by allowing him to wear a hockey mask during sex while she called him Jason. After a few weeks of experimentation, her boyfriend revealed to her that he wasn’t really into their recent kinkiness.
  • He just wanted to see what he could convince her to do and as it turns out, he’d been giving his friends regular updates on the progression of his con. Talk about humiliating. That girl is gonna have some trust issues.


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