9 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong

From new ways to enjoy delicious desserts to best ways to eat vegetables, we look at 9 Foods You’ve Been Eating Wrong


  1. Pasta


  • Okay I don’t know who the hell is doing this but it’s apparently a lot of people.
  • Eating pasta is something that people are getting wrong. So if you’re about to sit down and eat a delicious bowl of spaghetti and in your hands is a spoon and a knife…just stop. This practice of scooping up pasta with a spoon and cutting it with a knife apparently rose up in America and has been spreading.
  • So how should you do it? Eat it with a fork of course. Seems pretty obvious really, that’s how the Italians do it. Oh and the whole cutting it with a knife thing is not only wrong but considered rude if go and do it anywhere near an Italian.
  1. Cupcakes


  • Cupcakes are one of those delicious reasons to live but always seem to end up making a mess all over your face!
  • Well here’s the solution to all your embarrassing cupcake related problems. Just use a knife to slice the stem in half and then flip the top part over so that you have a beautiful cupcake sandwich.
  • Just don’t try and rip the cupcake in half with your bare hands, that not gonna solve any of your embarrassing cupcake problems…it’s just going make you look like an idiot and probably get icing all over your hand.
  1. Hard Boiled Eggs


  • Okay this more of a food you’ve been cooking wrong but the cooking directly impacts how you eat it.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs are one of those things that everyone has a trick for and by that I mean a trick for getting the shell off easily. But most of these methods are nowhere near as effective as just adding one ingredient to your boiling water. Bicarb soda.
  • Yes that thing that is 50% of your science class volcano project will actually help you raise the Ph level of your boiling water. That does some other science shit then bam your eggs are easier to peel. You’re welcome.
  1. Sushi


  • Eating food from different cultures is a bit of a minefield…as we saw earlier with pasta, so it’s no surprise most people eat sushi wrong.
  • This though comes more down to the fact that the Japanese have a traditional method to almost everything in life. Simply it works like this, you dip the fish part lightly into the soy sauce…not the rice. Then you just place a small amount of wasabi on top and you’re good to go.
  • Also consume a slice of ginger in between each piece you eat, the idea is that it cleanses the palette so you can enjoy the intricate flavors of each piece you eat.
  1. Strawberries


  • Almost all berries have some sort of fatal flaw that make them annoying to eat.
  • Blackberries and have little seeds, blueberries stain your hands and strawberries have those leafs left to dispose of. Well we can’t help you the first three but strawberries have a solution…and it er… involves a straw. Just take a standard drinking straw, line it up with the tip of the berry and slide it on through and presto!
  • This means that you can now serve up strawberries at a party without your guests saying “oh good choice on serving fruit you dork, what do I do with these all these leafs?”…they will probably still say the first part though.


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