9 Funniest Drunken Pranks


From having faces drawn on butts to having things stacked on people, we count down the 9 funniest drunken pranks.

9. The Drawn Tuxedo


We all know that tuxedos are fancy. The only time that most men wear a tuxedo is for the prom, but even those are rented and for good reason… they’re not cheap.

But if you don’t have the money to rent a tuxedo, you can always draw one on with the use of markers. Alright, this is a joke often done to young people – mainly men – who get so drunk they pass out. One minute a marker gets whipped out, and the next the passed out person looks like a sleeping tycoon.

All we can say is that cleanup must’ve been hell.

8. All Wrapped Up


All claustrophobics should be aware of a prank out there that involves either not being able to move at all, or just a little.

This prank involves being wrapped tightly in a material, mainly duct tape or saran wrap. The victims of this prank must have been really hammered to not wake up while their friends wrapped them up tighter than an Egyptian mummy. Let’s hope none of these victims were claustrophobic, or had to go to the bathroom really bad upon waking up.

Or, worse, it was a claustrophobic who had to go to the bathroom really bad.

7. Buttface


This one is probably more disturbing than funny, although the artwork is kind of impressive. It does beg the question: Who does that?

While their friends are passed out from a night of drinking, some people take out markers – or whatever they use – and draw a face. Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal… until you see where they put the face. Yep, the face is on the passed out person’s butt. That’s the disturbing part, though the faces themselves are funny.

Once again… who does that?

6. Stuck Up


Another drunken prank where we hope the person doesn’t have to use the bathroom really bad.

This one deals with strong tape, either duct tape or gorilla. Instead of being tightly wrapped up, these unsuspecting boozehounds are taped to the wall and, sometimes, even the ceiling! It would be great to actually watch a video of this being done to someone, just to see the process of getting a passed out person getting stuck to the wall or ceiling.

But the person who’s stuck to the ceiling will probably get the last laugh if he has to piss while the pranksters party below him.

5. ‘Drunk’ Scene Outline


Chances are you’ve heard of body outlines at crime scenes. It turns out something like that can also be done to hardcore partygoers who have had too much.

While passed out, their bodies are outlined with cups or beer bottles, though bottles seem to be the more popular choice. There’s nothing else to this prank, other than many of us can probably agree we’d rather have this done to us over other pranks on this list.

Unless you’d like to have a face drawn on your ass or be wrapped in duct tape.


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