9 Funniest Drunken Pranks


4. Man Boobs


Losing weight is always a good idea. It can lessen the stress on joints, prevent various diseases and conditions… and make you not fall victim to a certain prank.

When this poor man drank too much and passed out, a prankster uncapped his black marker. But instead of drawing something like, say, a tuxedo, he drew a goofy figure. It may sound bland, until you take a look at the figure’s chest and see its 3D boobs, thanks to the man’s body type. Maybe being a little heavier is a good thing. You don’t have to worry about being taped to the ceiling for one thing. Many of us would probably rather have a figure drawn on us as opposed to being wrapped in duct tape.

On a side note, hopefully that white container the man had his arm in wasn’t his barf basket.

3. Drunken Disguise


Sometimes pranksters will only put something on the face of a sleeping partygoer. While there might be instances where there are a few marks here and there, some pranksters get really creative.

It even gets to the point where, if you saw some of their work, you could swear that art was their major. These crafty guys will use shaving cream, fruit, markers, and even cigarettes. Really anything as long as it’ll create something hilarious to post on Facebook and make the hungover partygoer want to hide in embarrassment.

Remember that payback is a bitch, pranksters!

2. Drunk Stacking


Sometimes nothing is done to the body of the smashed sleeper. Well, nothing is drawn or stuck on, anyway.

Various items are normally stacked on or around the partygoer who’s taking a booze snooze. These items can include plastic cups, beer cans, DVDs, playing cards… anything a trickster can think of stacking on someone. The ones that require strategically balancing objects, such as playing cards, on a sleeping person is actually pretty cool.

Perhaps some bets are being placed on how long before the balanced objects topple over.

1. Playing Dress-Up


Similar to having a tuxedo drawn on you, this prank has to do with the full body. No, it has nothing to do with simply being wrapped to where you can’t move.

This prank involves dressing the wasted person in some sort of costume, like it’s Halloween minus the trick-or-treating… and, well, being awake. Either the person is completely unrecognizable in the improvised costume or they’re just wearing a certain thing like pantyhose.

Some of these are creative, such as this one that looks like a sleeping salad.


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