9 Incredible Cases of Mass Alien Sightings


From an extra-terrestrial police pursuit to the most interesting game of soccer ever played, we look at 9 incredible cases of mass alien sightings.

9 – Fire over Texas,


  • Ah Texas, the home of the Alamo, big ass pickup trucks and fire like aliens in the sky.
  • On November 2, 1957 15 people looked up into the dark night sky to see something they would never forget. One witness described it as a fantastic flash of light in the sky followed by a sudden gust of wind. The same witness also claimed his truck suddenly went dead, losing all power.
  • The other accounts described a blueish green egg shaped craft that suddenly changed into a fireball before shooting upwards back into the dark abyss of space.

8 – The Stephenville lights,


  • Well when an object as big as a department store and lighting up like a volcano appears in the sky, you bet people are gonna notice it.
  • In 2008 40 people witness strange happenings in the night sky over Stephenville, with reports of craft over a mile long. One witness described the object being half mile wide and bigger than a Walmart. Makes sense, space Walmart…for all your intergalactic deals.
  • Police officer Lee Roy Gaitan was another key witness to the event, saying that the object glowed like an erupting volcano in the sky. Well I’m convinced that space volcano mart existed, after all they do have the best deals in the galaxy.

7 – Portage Police Chase,


  • Police going on a state-wide chase for a UFO sounds like the plot to a bad 60’s Sci-fi movie, but it actually happened.
  • Several officers in Ohio saw a metallic like disc flying through the air, chasing the object for half an hour before ending up in Pennsylvania and having to give up the chase. Initially two officers saw the object before being joined by other cars who all saw the unidentified object.
  • The story got heavy mainstream media attention and eventually helped inspired parts of Spielberg’s “Close encounters of the third kind”, including a scene where police chase a UFO across state lines.

6 – The New Jersey Turnpike Sighting,


  • Everyone knows that strange things happen in New Jersey but it’s normally more the fake tan kind than of the third kind.
  • On July 14, 2001 many looked up to see strange, otherworldly lights in a triangle formation hovering over the city. Off duty police officer Lt. Dan Tarrant was one witness to the alien event, being alerted to the mysterious encounter by his 19 year old daughter.
  • Tarrant said that there were at least 16 lights in the sky with several making the V formation and the rest hovering around it. The lights flashed in the sky for ten minutes before fading from view.


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