9 Insane Things Banned From Schools


From high fives and handshakes to being best friends forever, we count 9 insane things banned from schools.

9 – High Fives


  • A school in London apparently implemented a zero-tolerance policy to any form of physical contact in order to stop kids from bullying each other.
  • The ban on physical contact meant that kids were not allowed to high-five, hug or even give each other pats on the back. A young girl was even given detention for cuddling another consenting female student. The principal suggested that banning kids from being near each other helps to eliminate poor behaviour and bullying.
  • Bullies can be pretty relentless with their vicious hugs and dangerous handshakes.

8 – ‘Laughing Out Loud’


  • A school in Atlanta was so sick of text speak that they demanded a ban on using trendy Internet acronyms in their yearbook.
  • The school’s authorities distributed a document to all of its students requiring the pupils to pledge against using common text phrases such as ‘LOL’, ‘OMG’ or even text-based smileys in their upcoming yearbook. After copping a ferocious backlash from parents, and national TV coverage of the incident, the school quickly retracted the request.
  • Apparently this generation is not really fussed about that old boring tradition called ‘language’.

7 – Ponytails


  • A school in Bolton, England decided that one boy’s long hair was too radical for the classroom.
  • The school made the decision to tighten their uniform dress code when an eleven-year-old boy wore a ponytail to school. His somewhat long hair apparently breached the school’s policy, and was told he would be separated and taught in a classroom on his own until he cut his locks. The school refused to budge on their policy and the student ended up enrolling in a completely different school.
  • The boy’s father claimed the discriminating policy was an infringement of his human rights. The right for every person to have an edgy haircut.

6 – Emotions


  • In an outrageous attempt to avoid offending anyone, New York decided to ban certain words in high school exams.
  • Words like ‘dinosaurs’, ‘birthdays’, ‘poverty’ and ‘disease’ are all banned. The department, who made the decision to omit any words that may be considered sensitive topics, claims that they don’t want kids losing their minds if they see certain words. Poor kids might be upset at the word ‘poverty’ and creationist kids might react badly to seeing the mention of ‘dinosaurs’.
  • Even the words ‘slavery’ and ‘terrorism’ are excluded, because God forbid children should be aware of things happening in the real world.


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One thought on “9 Insane Things Banned From Schools

  1. The world will be a sad and lonely place in future – full of single people who either don’t know how to interact with each other or have their own personal solicitor that goes everywhere with them, should they be offended by a word !
    The human race could literally die out, because if people don’t know how to show affection, they’ll never have sex, which means no children !

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