9 Most Disturbing Jobs


From prepping dead bodies to swimming in excrement on a daily basis, we look at 9 of the most disturbing jobs.

  1. Embalmer


  • Dealing with the dead is never fun, not unless you’re a necro. And if you work in this industry, maybe you are. Or maybe you just have really poor social skills, I’m not one to judge.
  • Embalmers are trained professionals that pump corpses full of chemicals to delay them decomposing. The process grew in popularity in the West when bodies needed to be buried far away from where the person died. An embalmer spends most of their days with dead bodies; washing them, dressing them and preparing them for the funeral.
  • They even double check that the person is definitely dead, just in case he’s in some kind of Juliet-style, death-like state. I’m glad that’s somebody’s job because I do not want to wake up in a morgue draw one day.
  1. Police Diver


  • As if being a cop wasn’t stressful enough, these police divers are part of an elite group that spend most of their days underwater.
  • These cops search through murky waters for body parts, guns and discarded evidence, which makes for a pretty grim job. When a plane crashes into the ocean, it’s the police diving team that retrieves corpses and evidence to try to figure out what happened.
  • Police divers have said one of the worst aspects of the job is going into black waters where you can’t see a thing. You can only feel your way like a morbid game of Marco Polo.
  1. Crime Scene Cleaner


  • If you’ve got the stomach to clean real life horror stories, maybe being a crime scene cleaner is the job for you.
  • After a crime has been committed and the CSI gang have taken all their evidence, the crew roll up and clean the brains off the wall. They pick up all the itty bitty bits of skull. So you’ve gotta have some major cojones to work in this field. Or just be ridiculously desensitized by video game violence.
  • Being part of a crime scene clean-up crew means mopping up blood and disposing of guts. Thankfully you’re not there for the gruesome parts of the crime, just the aftermath, which is almost as bad, but not quite.
  1. Forensic Entomologist


  • Another area of work in the corpse business is the forensic entomologist.
  • These guys study insects and other critters in relation to criminal acts. When examining the insects in a corpse, they are able to estimate a time of death for the victim, based on the age of the insect. They can tell if a body has been moved after death or if it’s been refrigerated.
  • If the body has been decomposing for a while, the work of a forensic entomologist is invaluable because insects absorb drugs and toxins that were in the person’s system. Granted this was while they were eating your remains but, hey, everybody’s gotta eat.
  1. Fluffer


  • A fluffer in the porn industry deals with make-up and various prepping for the shoot.
  • Sounds pretty humdrum, except for the part where they have to keep the male actors hard again in between takes. So while the director is getting the right angle for the money shot, the fluffer will jerk off the male lead, or blow them, to keep the action alive! And keep them nearer to that oh-so-important, explosive ending. Sploosh!
  • Some porn actors maintain that the role fluffer doesn’t really exist. While others say the task is taken on by the actor’s wife or girlfriend, or the actor will just jack it solo-style. Either way, if you wanna be in a porno but are too shy to be on camera this is the job for you.


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