9 of the Best Boyfriends Ever


From sneaky marriage proposals to romantic jars full of sweet memories we count 9 of the best boyfriends ever

9 – Furniture Proposal Boyfriend


  • If you’re going to propose to your girlfriend with a beautiful ring, you might as well build a jewellery cabinet to go with it.
  • Blake Bullinger presented his girlfriend Carly with a custom-built jewellery armoire for their second anniversary, but he didn’t stop there. He filled the different drawers with all of Carly’s favourite chocolate bars and candy. She opened every drawer and when she came to the last one, Bullinger told her to look closer. What she found was a box with an engagement ring, which she immediately cried and accepted.
  • Bullinger caught the whole thing on camera, allowing them to relive the special moment for the rest of their lives.

8 – Prince Charming Boyfriend


  • A dream came true for one woman who grew up wanting to be a Disney princess.
  • For a very special Valentine’s Day, Brian Flynn from New York decided to have his girlfriend transformed into various illustrations of Disney princesses. He commissioned the drawings from his friend and talented artist Dylan Bonner. Flynn and his girlfriend are big Disney fans and wanted to celebrate their relationship by having it turned into their very own classic fairy-tale.
  • Receiving these stunning drawings on Valentine’s Day is just a little bit more impressive than your average box of chocolates.

7 – Sympathetic Cake Boyfriend


  • Being a woman can be rough, but at least some men know exactly how to show their sympathy.
  • Once a month for a girl, hormones can take over and everything can seem a little crazy. One boyfriend decided to cheer up his ovulating girlfriend by combining a heartfelt message of compassion with a delicious sponge-cake. The cake which simply reads, ‘I’m sorry you’re on your period’ is too hilarious not to put a smile on any woman’s face.
  • Although the cake was probably very delicious, the decision to use red icing on the cake was a very bold choice.

6 – Pokéball Proposal Boyfriend


  • Most marriage proposals end in one of two answers – yes or no. But for these two lovers, the answer was either ‘grass’, ‘water’ or ‘fire’.
  • Brett Graham finally decided to pop the question to his boyfriend Max the only way his nerdy heart knew how, by throwing Pokeballs at him. Graham spent months making the three ring-bearing Pokeballs, each having different characteristics, just like in the video games. When Max agreed to marry him, he then had to choose one of three rings. He went with fire.
  • Graham says he has top secret plans for the ring to ‘evolve’ with each anniversary they spend together.


  • Epic (52%)
  • Creepy (23%)
  • Lewd (13%)
  • Wat (6%)
  • No (6%)